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Waste - Essay Example

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The increase in population has resulted in more waste products from manufacturers and consumers. This is an area of concern as the pollution and wastes being…
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Extract of sample "Waste"

Wastes Environmental studies Wastes Improper disposal of wastes has an adverse effect on the environment, which in turn influences thequality of life. The increase in population has resulted in more waste products from manufacturers and consumers. This is an area of concern as the pollution and wastes being produced are damaging the ecosystem; a potential fuel source and a current resource for food and many other benefits. For this reason environmentalists have suggested ways to prevent any further pollution. This paper will discuss the disposal methods available to humans and the benefits associated with waste management.
There are several disposal methods that are available to humans and this paper will discuss the following; ocean dumping, incineration, sanitary landfill, recycling and open dumping. These factors both have their advantages and disadvantages. Ocean dumping kills plankton and overburdens oceans, however, it is not expensive and when harmless products are disposed, they can serve as a food source. This method maybe made more effective by restricting the material disposed in oceans as some of it harms the fish or other habitants in the ocean. Sanitary landfill involves the disposal of waste materials into an open hole; this hole is closed after the waste has been disposed. This is advantageous in the sense that the land filled can be used for other community purposes. Lining these landfills with plastic, clay and sand reduces the chances of the waste being redistributed by the wind or animals.
The government should implement policies that equip citizens with knowledge on methods to manage their own waste as the economy can benefit from these policies. Fuel sources are declining and the ecosystem has been recognized as a potential replacement. Hence, preserving the ecosystem can have economic benefits for the country. Recycling also reduces the costs from extracting raw materials to create a certain product. This shows that each party can benefit from waste management. Read More
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Waste Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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.... The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations (2005) 7. The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (2006). (UK Waste…) It should be noted that the above list is not exhaustive. The purpose of all these legislation is to protect the environment and all natural substances such as air, water, land, animal, plants and surroundings, from the ill effects of hazardous chemicals and industrial wastes. The Risks Associated with Existing Incineration Sites Incinerations are not a right waste disposal technique for the following reasons. Destroying Valuable Resources Incineration of...
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A commodity also provides a secondary service which is generally looked over. If the secondary service is not utilized then it means that the item has not been used to its fullest potential.
Such unwanted materials are known as waste. Zero waste America (, 2002) considers waste as a “resource that is not safely recycled back into the environment or the market place.”
The UK government recognizes the wastes by classifying them into two broad categories namely ‘controlled’ and ‘non-controlled’ wastes. Controlled wastes can be further divided into domestic wastes, wastes from industries, commercial and other wastes from hospitals etc. These can be further divided...
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