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Global Warming: A concern triggered by pollution - Research Paper Example

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The term global warming initially surfaced in an American scientific Journal “Are we on a brink of pronounced global warming” (Broecker, 1975) and later became the catchphrase for general public in 1988 after its official use by NASA Scientist James Hasen in the senate to signify climatic changes around the globe. …
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Global Warming: A concern triggered by pollution
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Download file to see previous pages However, global warming literally refers to increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and in its troposphere, which results in the change of worldwide atmosphere. Hence, this change in the atmosphere of Earth can be a result of natural and man created causes. Thus, global warming is commonly understood as a term which refers to pessimistic climatic after-effects caused by emanation of toxic gases in the atmosphere due to manmade commodities.
In the twenty first century Global warming has been the prominent issue contemplated by the scientists all around the globe. However, it is not just a scientific issue, it has been affecting the global society in large as well. Thus, its affects are limitless, which swathe economics, politics, sociology and geopolitics. The main contributor in the aggravation of global warming in the past 1000 years is excessive release of carbon dioxide and disruption of greenhouse gases equilibrium in the atmosphere due to fossil burns (Maslin, 2008). Another main reason in this regard would be deforestation, which was supporting the ecological system of Earth. Therefore, global warming is mainly caused by humans through pollution and it endangers the existence of Earth along with all the living creatures on it.
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