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Film An Inconvenient Truth - Movie Review Example

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Name Professor Geography Date An Inconvenient Truth “An Inconvenient Truth” is a movie that covers the environmental conservation campaign that was launched by Al Gore, the US vice president. This movie has generated a lot of heat in the contemporary agenda of nature and society by attracting mixed reactions from numerous scholars…
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Film An Inconvenient Truth
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Extract of sample "Film An Inconvenient Truth"

Download file to see previous pages From the vivid description of Al Gore’s concept of global warming in this documentary shows that human beings are responsible of the severe effects of global warming and being responsible is the only way to achieve eco-stability. This article seeks to analyze the causes of global warming and its impact on the ecosystem as depicted in the movie “An inconvenient truth.” In the movie, Al Gore starts by creating the awareness that global warming is a reality that is already being experienced in the world today. As the documentary starts, visual images of the sun taken from different earth positions are shown and it is evident that the illumination of this light has intensified with time (Guggenheim). Also, he presents the data of carbon dioxide changes in the atmosphere and the changes in the temperatures of the globe. On this ground, Gore seems to believe that global warming is an active topic that must be tackled in the society to salvage the natural environment from the scourge of this disaster. The data presented by Gore is similar to the information that was tabulated by Booker (21) that shows the manifestation of global warming on the earth today in his effort to assert that this is threatening disaster. The correlation between the evidence presented by the two environmental activists show that global warming is a matter of concern in the society today. Next, the movie draws a connection between the activities of human beings and the problem of global warming that is being experienced in the society today. At this point Gore makes a reflection of grade-school experience when his teacher ridiculed a student who asked about the effects of continental drift in the society (Guggenheim). By pointing out that the teacher was ignorant, he asserts that the society, and more so the politicians, have ignored the reality of environmental pollution. He feels that the result of global warming is the cumulative effect every person’s irresponsibility in pollution and not necessarily the effects of large industries. This is similar to the argument of Booker that the environment should be protected from the people and not the vice versa (308). The minor activities of the society such as driving, waste disposal, chemical use, farming and damage of natural vegetation are the major causes of global warming. The idea of Gore is that human activities are responsible for global warming and that any effort to curb this disaster must start from individual responsibility. After developing the connection between global warming and human activities, Gore points out the severe effects of this scourge to the society. He explains that the trends in global warming promises more diseases, dry vegetation and reduce economic activities in the future of the world. At this point an image of the ‘Crimes of the Hot’ describes vividly the adverse effects that greenhouse effect would have on the environment. The image shows an earth that is completely burnt and captures the attention of the viewers to visualize how the earth would turn out to be if the disaster is not mitigated (Guggenheim). By making such an exaggeration, Gore seems to make a realistic threat to incite the people against global warming in the society. In reality, scholars have predicted a doomed global warmed earth under the mercies of the population proactive environmental rehabilitation. By ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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