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Eilperin (2009) has mentioned that the earth’s surface temperature has been increased around 0.750 C during the last century itself and the atmospheric temperature may even go up by 6 degrees before the end of the current century (Eilperin). Global warming is a controversial…
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Global warming after see incinvenience truth
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Global warming Eilperin (2009) has mentioned that the earth’s surface temperature has been increased around 0.750 C during the last century itself and the atmospheric temperature may even go up by 6 degrees before the end of the current century (Eilperin). Global warming is a controversial subject in the current world. Many people believe that our unwise, selfish and greedy activities are destroying the environment and contributing heavily to the atmospheric temperature rise. On the other hand, many others believe that global warming debates are a scam for looting the public money for the research purposes. They believe that the atmospheric temperature rise is caused by solar variations and we have nothing to do with it.
An Inconvenient Truth was a documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim, in 2006, about former United States Vice President Al Gores campaign to educate citizens about global warming. Al Gore has shown many slides about the consequences of global warming to educate the people about the importance of this issue in this film. He has presented the scientific opinion about the climate change and the possible future effects of global warming in this film (An Inconvenient Truth)
Scientific studies showed that atmospheric temperature rise and sea level rise may continue for more than 1000 years even if we manage to stabilize the greenhouse gas levels now. Increased atmospheric temperature is definitely a threat for the sustainability of life on earth. Sea level raise, increased extreme weather intensities, changes in agricultural yields, complete destruction of some living things etc are some of the immediate difficulties we can anticipate. “Sea level has trended upward for the past 150 years at a rate of 7 inches per century” (Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide). As per another study, sea level might rise by as much as six feet by 2100 (Eilperin). The over atmospheric heat may expand the seawater and it may raise more than one feet in the coming 100 years as per the evidences collected by the scientists. Such a sea level rise may sink the countries like UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait etc. The increased warming of atmosphere may melt the huge snow deposits on Arctic and Antarctic regions which will cause the sea level to be further raised. Scientists already proved that the height of Everest decreases and also the Snow Mountains disappearing slowly due to global warming.
“Today the amount of carbon dumped globally into the atmosphere corresponds, on average, to one ton per person on the planet, each year. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas – it traps heat radiation that is attempting to escape from Earth” (GLOBAL WARMING: The Rise of CO2 & Warming). When a gas gets heated, it expands and try to escape from the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere actually tries to block the passage of these heat radiations and thereby the heat radiations accumulate in the atmosphere which resulted in temperature rise or global warming. The heat radiations generated from the earth.
On the other hand, there are people who believe that the present controversy with respect to global warming is a scam. Dr Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany,has argued that the Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures. He has proved that the sun is burning more brightly for the last 1000 years so that temperature of the atmosphere of earth which is one of the receivers of the solar radiations goes on increasing gradually. Moreover other studies have shown that the atmospheric temperature and ice melting is not confined to earth alone, but it occurs on other planets as well. NASA has recently proved that Jupiter’s climate is also undergoing drastic changes (The Global Warming Scam).
In short, it is a fact that the atmospheric temperature and sea level are rising. But “who is the real culprit, the sun or the human” is a question which needed to be investigated further to make a conclusion.
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