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Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming's Effects on Population - Research Paper Example

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Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming's Effects on Population Name Institution Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming's Effects on Population Introduction Climate change is one of the most disturbing issues affecting the world today. No continent is indeed spared of the devastating effects of the climate change…
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Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warmings Effects on Population
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Download file to see previous pages Others include a rise in see level, glacial movements and other natural calamities. However, world leaders have been under pressure to find a lasting solution to the effects of global warming by mitigating greenhouse gaseous emissions and other human triggered factors polluting the environment. One such attempt was witnessed in 2005 when world leaders drawn from all over the world converged in Japan to strike the deal that saw the Kyoto protocol highlighting what need to be done to mitigate environmental pollution. The other attempt is the Rio agreement of the year 2012. The effects of climatic change have seen many countries grappling with different methods to help cope with the prevailing climatic conditions as pointed out in this article “Climate Change, Coming Home.” This article highlight how the effects of climate change have affected different parts of the world like Sahel region, which is a wide belt of semi-arid area stretching across the southern edge of Sahara desert in Northern Africa. The article begins by pointing out that this area has witnessed prolonged drought since 1970s due to war and climate change. Nevertheless, the efforts put by the residents of this area to reclaim the land for productive purpose lead to other problems. It also explores how the devastating effects of the climate change mainly face developing countries like Africa. ...
In other words, the concept implies that no culture is superior over the other when comparing the systems of law, morality and politics among others. As such, the notion of the believers of this philosophy is that all cultural thinkings are equally valid and that truth is relative in relation to the cultural environment. This article can indeed be related to this concept in that the beliefs pointed out here is that it is the climate change that is causing most of the problems witnessed by the residents of the Sahel region and this has to be accepted as it is. For instance, the world health organization (WHO) are of the belief that the over 150,000 deaths witnessed in 2000 could not have occurred if humans could not have engaged in destroying fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the environment as pointed out in the article (World Watch Institute, 2007). The assumptions made by the WHO regarding the health effects of climate change are also said to be conservative. All this beliefs are relative to an individual within his own social context as is being held by the concept of cultural relativism (Howson, 2009). Mechanical social solidarity This theory was formulated by Durkheim in his study of the division of labor, suicide and religion. He believed that harmony rather than antagonism, defined the society. Mechanical solidarity is one of the social solidarity concepts formulated by Durkheim. Mechanical social solidarity according to Durkheim refers to the integration based on shared sentiments and beliefs as noted by Crow (2002). According to Durkheim, societies of mechanical solidarity tend to be relatively small and organized around kinship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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