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Groundwater pumping provides about 60 % of fresh water in California (Weiser, 2014). Subject to the excessive groundwater pumping, California faces the challenge of curbing ground…
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Groundwater pumping
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Groundwater Pumping al Affiliation) Ground water is a major source of water in many dry areas as well as in rural settings (WHO, n.d). Groundwater pumping provides about 60 % of fresh water in California (Weiser, 2014). Subject to the excessive groundwater pumping, California faces the challenge of curbing ground water depletion and managing groundwater pumping for the future, for purposes of sustainability and resiliency (Blanco, 2012). The water-pricing scheme that entails a fee-based approach to control groundwater depletion will define how to manage groundwater pumping in California (Nelson, 2012). The signing of three bills regulating groundwater pumping in California will promote the management of groundwater since they adopt a fee-based structure and impose groundwater-pumping restrictions (Nijhuis, 2014).
The fee-based approach defines pumping fees and restricts pumping. We can manage groundwater pumping for future uses by adopting fee-based measures that entail levying fees for groundwater pumping. The approach will enhance efficiency in consumption by mandating water users to pay for water on a full-cost recovery basis. Moreover, we can use tiered charges and water markets to enhance flexible and efficient consumption among large water users. Apparently, the fee-based measure will promote efficient water use in most areas facing excessive groundwater depletion thus enhancing sustainable groundwater pumping (Nelson, 2012). Additionally, an increase in irrigation costs and prices in areas relying on groundwater pumping enhances sustainability and resiliency.
Indeed, this will motivate farmers to adopt water management mechanisms (Wichelns, 2010). As such, this fee-based measure will promote management and improvement of groundwater pumping in the agricultural sector thus conserving groundwater for future use. Water agencies can also relate water prices to the changes in groundwater levels, which will allow them to charge higher water prices during drought thus promoting efficient use (Wichelns, 2010). Water agencies can sue the fee-based measure to charge high water prices to new investments relying on groundwater, which would discourage increased dependence on groundwater pumping. These measures can help in managing groundwater pumping for the future, for purposes of sustainability and resiliency.

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Groundwater Pumping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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