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I have identified the implemented actions and listed the possible next actions towards reducing the mongoose evaluation.
The introduction of small Indian mongoose by human has had negative effects…
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Reducing mongoose evaluation
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Reducing mongoose evaluation Reducing mongoose evaluation The following table discusses my objectives towards reducing mongoose evaluation. I have identified the implemented actions and listed the possible next actions towards reducing the mongoose evaluation.
Implemented Action(s)
Possible Next Steps/Actions
Feasibility of Next Steps/Actions
small Indian mongoose management and eradication
The introduction of small Indian mongoose by human has had negative effects and hence leading to attempts to eradicate them. The current methods are labour intensive and appliying the use of manual traps and/or carbon dioxide poisoning after recapture.
This method involves a lot of human labor and hence very tiring. The traps require to be checked oftenly so that they can perform their function well.
As a result of this the use of the DOC 250 trap that has been recently introduced. Research done in the New Zealand show that probability of catching the mongoose has improved by 17% using the new method
This trap combines wooden box traps and live traps. Chances of catching the mongoose are very high and the labor intensity is low hence an efficient method.
Implemented Action(s)
Possible Next Steps/Actions
Feasibility of Next Steps/Actions
Reducing cost of carrying out population biology
Researchers who have done research on mongoose population, have mainly used ear tags to mark the individuals been monitored. Researchers from Canada have used paint on the species under study
This Previous methods have led to losing of approximately 14% of the marked species by either loss of the ear tag or discoloring of the paint.
With introduction of modern technology each day, the use of a microchip will be substantially of great importance. The microchip will be inserted into the specimen’s skin and will be used to electronically submit data on the location of the specimen.
With the introduction of microchips, the possibility of misidentifying the specimen will be below 1% and this will significantly affect the accuracy of the research results provided.
Implemented Action(s)
Possible Next Steps/Actions
Feasibility of Next Steps/Actions
Controlling population genetics
Famous reseachers of the moongose family,have done a lot of research to control and improve the population genetics. The have suceeded in bringing into existence a breed of the moongose known as the yellow mongoose that is more adaptable to its habitat.
The method of genetic control they use is time consuming. To change the genetics of a mongoose using their method, it requires studying at least 70% of its entire lifetime. (Suckow, Douglas & Weichbrod , 2002)
This has proved not reliable since some specimen may die in the cause of the study leading to a fresh start of the study.
Animal laboratory technology has improved significantly. Instead of using the whose animal to study its population genetics, alleles and genes from the specimen can be taken and monitored in specialized equipment in the laboratory
This method reduces the risk of restarting the experiment and is quicker and less expensive. Results that are more accurate will be achieved. However, this method will require hiring of new personnel with the required experience.
Suckow , M. A., Douglas, F. A., & Weichbrod , R. H. (2002). Management of laboratory animal care and use programs . Boca Raton, Fla : CRC Press. Read More
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