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Using graphic organizers for learning and teaching purposes - Essay Example

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Using graphic organizers for learning and teaching purposes
Graphic organizers (GOs) are visual and spatial displays constructing relationships between facts and concepts more clear and apparent (Gajria et al., 2007). …
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Using graphic organizers for learning and teaching purposes
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Download file to see previous pages Students having learning difficulties face the learning problems; in order to promote meaningful learning and understanding, the use of graphic organizers has been developed in the recent educational history. In the subsequent parts of this essay, first thesis statement is mentioned and it is followed by three evaluation arguments with each having its own proof and supporting material. Thesis statement Graphic organizers not only facilitate learning to the students with the learning disabilities but also greatly help teachers in the process of teaching. Point one Many students face the challenges of learning disabilities. Due to learning disabilities, they are required to put more additional amount of effort and energy in order to comprehend in classes, particularly when reading expository text (DiCecco & Gleason, 2002). Additionally, some books such as content books are written in such a way that the necessary relationships and connections are not explicitly made clear (Armbruster & Anderson 1988; Beck, McKeeown, Hamilton, & Kucan, 1998). Making comprehension relationships has not been an easy way towards learning. A considerable number of students greatly become unable to comprehend the basic meaning and its different parts of understanding in the required way; for many students, just reading is not enough to comprehend the aggregate meaning and purpose of a given text. The most significant issues causing this problem may be generated internally and externally as well. Internally, some students do not have the required mental capacity to comprehend the context and meaning of a particular text; second, for some students having comprehension mental ability is not sufficient to ensure the attaining of reading and understanding skills. They lack the proper way to read a expository text in the required way; this means the absence of learning skills and tools cause them to lag behind in comparison with those students who know and use reading and learning skills. Externally, some students face the problems of complex and ambiguous written material. In many academic books, the language used to teach students a particular topic is so roughly written that many students hardly understand the connections and relationships with the words and context and between the words and meaning of text. This situation further challenges the students and makes them hard to comprehend the expository text and other complex written material. Proof DiCecco & Gleason (2002) carries out research work using graphic organizers to attain relational knowledge from expository text. In which, the majority results suggest that the students using graphic organizers have performed better and this use of methodology help students with learning disabilities to recall of relational knowledge. Point two In addition, students with learning disabilities are not active learners rather they tend to be passive learners; and at the same time, they lack the necessary skills such as organizing and processing written and oral information (Bos & Vaughn, 1994). Some are God-gifted but others are not. Organizing and processing oral and written information challenges more to those students who are not God-gifted in processing and understanding information; this problem not only severely affects the academic performance of the students but also severely damages their personality . Proof DiCecco & Gleason (2002) also highlight this sight of the story in their research work. They signify that students who suffer from learning disabilities and at the same time they do not make efforts to improve their learning skills, such students do not perform better than students having developed their learning skills with the use of graphic organizers. For instance, in the same research, they maintain that students with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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