Is the United Nations in need of reform and if so, in what form should such reform take - Essay Example

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United Nations: Reforms With the human population surging ahead at a phenomenal pace, the needs of the people and their associated aspects are emerging and increasing day by day. Therefore, presence of a body is imperative that could take care of these needs and fulfill them…
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Is the United Nations in need of reform and if so, in what form should such reform take
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Download file to see previous pages It comprises of 192 member countries across the globe, with its headquarters in New York. The existence of United Nations dates back to World War II with the objectives to unite all the countries of the universe in order to work in correlation with tranquility and harmony, which must consist on the ideology of fair dealing, respect of humanity, and fulfillment of the fundamental rights of the people2. United Nations aimed to bring the countries closer so that they can work in coordination to develop friendly relations and address the common issues with gravity. The working of the assembly is not restricted to the decisions of any monarch, thus, every county possess the same and equal rights to give their opinions and viewpoints in any discussion happening in the general assembly of the United Nations3. A global body formed in early 1900s, known to be the League of Nations was the key stakeholder to sustain equanimity and placidity in the world, as well as maintaining the coordination amongst the global community. This parent body proved to be flourishing with 58 members across the globe with the prime motive to encourage and endorse worldwide collaboration in order to bring the world under one roof through unity and peace. With the increasing power and control of the Axis Powers over the world, the League got an alarming sign and its success started to fade and declined slowly, thus, resulting in the Second World War. During the World War II, United Nations came to an existence with an official announcement in order to bring the counties in association to each other. Initially, the UN consisted of 51 member countries, which then rose to 192 members at a later stage4. United Nations came under development with a goal to alleviate poverty and raise the living standards of the masses on global basis. It also determined to raise the literacy rate and abate the spread of diseases and environmental degradation to make the world a better place to live. United Nations aimed to support and cushion the under developed countries to lift their economies, build up the social sector and back them to move ahead towards success5. To achieve these objectives, UN designed a set of values, which the member countries were to abide by. United Nations strictly abhorred the violence and tyranny, instead they promoted calm and diplomatic methods to solve the problems, and therefore, member countries came under expectation to settle down rivalries and sensitive matters with serenity. UN made an obligation on all the members to comply with the agreements made between them, and the parent body did not participate in any government activity or personal matter of the member state6. The working of UN depends upon five subdivisions. The first division is the UN General Assembly, whose prime job is to maintain the standards of its guidelines and procedures and always have a room for improvements through suggestions. The assembly has a president who comes under appointment from its member states. The second subdivision is the UN Security Council, which has the right to penalize the member countries if they do not follow the rules and regulations that comes under development by the assembly, they also have the decision making power during any sort of disagreements between the member states. Therefore, it comes under consideration as the strongest amongst all the other branches7. The third branch is the International Court of Justice, which is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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