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Sixty years after the United Nations was formed, the international political world has accepted that it is necessary for certain reforms to be made within this body, as regards its functional and organisational capacities. …
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United Nations Security Council Reform
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most important and controversial reform proposed, concerns one of its divisions, the United Nations Security Council, and it involves bringing in changes within the structure and working practice of this particular body. The Security Council plays the primary role in safeguarding peace and maintaining security, worldwide. Indeed, time and again this particular body has faced severe criticisms from its member states, UN members, and other experts; regarding a lack of transparency in its resolution adoption processes, and a lack of fair representation of all the countries, worldwide. Though in recent times we notice that the Council has moved towards having showing more transparency in many of its decisions; there has been no dearth in the criticisms directed towards this body.
One of the main issues of contention, has been regarding the existence of the Council’s 5 permanent member body (France, United Kingdom, United States, China and Russia), and their capacity to exercise the ‘veto rights’. This so called ‘veto rights’ gives these 5 member states the right to stop any resolution (that may not necessarily always be procedural in nature) from being passed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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