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Why Has the UN Security Council Been So Unsuccessful in Its Attempts at Managing World Order - Essay Example

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The intention of the UN Chapter was to build a complete system that maintains the international peace. Therefore, it sets principles for the conducts of states by not using force in global force and not meddling with domestic affairs…
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Why Has the UN Security Council Been So Unsuccessful in Its Attempts at Managing World Order
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Extract of sample "Why Has the UN Security Council Been So Unsuccessful in Its Attempts at Managing World Order"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve the United Nation’s objective, significant effort has been evident. Nevertheless, in most cases, the results have fallen far short from the goals. In order to meet its goals, the UN has regularly held global conferences to address the security issues. Several factors have contributed to the UNSC’s unsuccessful management global order. One of the factors is the lack of transparency of the council. There have been conflicts regarding the restructuring of the council (Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly, 2005). The members cannot agree on whether to expand the council or let it remain the same. Additionally, lack of democracy in the council has made some states to have a negative attitude towards it. Some of these states do not trust it, and this makes it difficult for it to maintain peace among the conflicting states. The UNSC cannot settle the dispute among the sates that fail to trust it because they will not give it permission to do it. Lack of implementation of resolutions According to Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly (2005), in recent years, the United Nations Security Council has adopted resolutions, but relevant persons fail to implement them basing on their ignorant nature. For this reason, violation of international laws has been evident; hence, conflicts worsening (Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly, 2005). ...
Therefore, people do not believe that the UN can bring them peace. Craving for power According to Karen (2011), The UN has not achieved much as far as peace is concerned because of the craving for power. Craving for power has made the governing class in all countries to be hostile to the inadequacy of the nationwide autonomy. The powerful minorities influence the masses, and many of them already have an objective for destructions (Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly, 2005). This has hindered the United Nation Security Council from achieving it goal of maintaining the world order. UK and US war against Iraq According to Karen (2011), The United Nations suffered a great setback when UK and US announced war against Iraq. They declared war against Iraq claiming that it posses huge quantities of mass-destructive arms. The US defined its actions as ‘pre-emptive’ measure, but until now, no WMD existent and they US still carry out its activities in Iraq. The third world counties are opposing the US’s actions against the Iraq, and are blaming the United Nations Security Council for failing to prevent this. Hence, this has lowered the relevance of the UN Security Council globally. The individuals who believe in the collective response to global security issues could see the difficulties that the UN underwent because of the Iraq war. This is because the war made the confidence in the multilateral system to be undermined. Disagreements in reformation According to Knight (2001), the UN General Assembly has been debating for many years regarding the council reformation but has never reached an agreement. The G4 proposed to be the permanent members of the Security Council. Their permanent membership would augment the Council members. This proposal was opposed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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