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Employee Recruitment Case Study (College) Employee Recruitment: Case Study Introduction Recruitment is the most crucial process of organizational management as it determines the long term sustainability of every firm. Potential employees are the priceless assets of any organization to confront with the increasing market competitions in the modern business environment…
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Db 5
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Download file to see previous pages The given case study reflects an ethical dilemma that organizations normally face during employee selection processes. This paper will critically analyze the given issue and suggest the most possible solution. Case analysis The two candidates, Martin and Joy apply for job in a computer technology company for the position of software trainer. The candidates are from two different countries and both of them possess certain unpleasant backgrounds. Martin has a scar on the right side of his face which indicates an extensive employment injury record. At the same time, Joe has a criminal background. In my opinion, the case does not fall under the category of diversity. To illustrate, “the concept of diversity refers to the number or the proportion of people within a community or social environment that hold different and various roles.” (Diversity Categories). This concept is against all forms of discrimination and it tries to promote social equality. Martin is from China and Joe is from United States. Here, the firm does not consider the nationality of the candidates in its selection criteria; on the other hand, the firm only takes the previous work history of the candidates into account. ...
In the final decision regarding employee hiring, I would consider the candidates’ work history and morals as the most determinant factors. Since the company would not have knowledge regarding candidates’ qualification, experience, efficiency, professionalism, and dedication, The candidate’s background information would be the only criterion to take final decision. The extensive employment injury record found to be the major weak-point of Martin. However, it is precise that a software trainer does not need to engage in physically demanding jobs that cause injuries. Similarly, the scar on Martin’s face does not raise any further interruption to his work. In contrast, Joe’s criminal background seems to be a potential issue that disqualifies him for the proposed employment opportunity. It is not advisable for the firm to employ a candidate with criminal background since he may hurt the overall cohesion and interests of the organization in future. The employment of a person with criminal background would promote unfair practices in the company. Moreover, the presence of employees having criminal background would adversely affect the repute of the whole organizational unit. In addition, Joe has body odor which would cause inconveniences to his co-workers. Hence, it is advisable to hire Martin for the offered post since he possesses better qualities and personal integrity required as compared to Joe. In this case study, there are no elements that constitute a legal issue because the hiring process does not include any religious, racial, or political discrimination. Law clearly states that an employer can refuse the job application of a candidate if the employer has sufficient reasons to prove that candidate would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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