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Employee Recruitment Proposal - Assignment Example

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Running head: EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT PROPOSAL Employee Recruitment Proposal Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Beautiful& Handsome Company, a manufacturer of both female and male cloths, has been experiencing a constant decrease in its productivity despite aggressive pursuit of its objectives of growth and expansion to other parts of the country and eventually becoming an international corporation…
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Employee Recruitment Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Considering the elaborate nature of activities of the company, this proposal seeks to request for hiring of more employees in order to boost efficiency and hence productivity of the company. The Need for Additional Employees There have been many complaints from employees about being assigned too many tasks. The employees are overworked and have a feeling that the company should employ more personnel to ease the current work burden. Employees have grown weary of putting too much effort on overtime. Besides, when critically evaluates the amount of money the company spends in paying dues for overtime performance, it is undisputable that the ultimate solution would be hiring additional staff, which will even help the company to cut down its operation costs. Hiring more employees is undoubtedly the best solution the problems facing the company. Hiring more workers would lower the present work burden on employees and increase their efficiency (Mathis & Jackson, 2011). By having a reasonable number of employees in the company, the output per work will greatly increase. The inefficiencies realized in the organization are as a result of strain by employees to get work done (Kleynhans, 2006). Because they are covering even for activities, which are supposed to be handled by other personnel who unfortunately have not been recruited, the workers have been complaining of stretching their efforts beyond reasonable limits to help attain organizational objectives. Coupled with the emphasize of meeting deadlines, it is quite challenging to achieve high standards in task performance when there is still a state of imbalance between the workforce of Beautiful & Handsome and its demanding tasks. From the company’s statistics, the average number of hours worked by employees in the past two financial periods is far much lower when compared with the first quarter of this fiscal year. For example, in the first six months of 2010/2011 financial period, the average hours worked by employees (200) was eight hours a day. This was the year when the company realized high production levels and hence high profits. When this is compared to the first six months of the trading period 2011/2012, the average working hours of employees is thirteen hours a day. This can indicate how strained the employees are and how they are overburdened with work. From the past performance records of the company, this is indeed the cause of high levels of inefficiency and low productivity in the company. Hiring new workers is crucial for the success of the organization. Besides easing off work burden from old employees, it will ensure inflow of new talents and skills into the company. Recruiting new employees will open avenues for hiring highly qualified personnel, who are crucial for the success of the organization. Hiring of new workers with adequate experience may reduced training costs and brings in innovative culture in the company thus providing a source of competitive advantage over rivals in the market. Employee Recruitment Budget The company should establish a recruitment program that contains budget estimates of money that is likely to be used in the recruitment process. The recruitment budget for twenty employees, it would cost around $ 2000 to $ 5500 per employee, factoring in all the expenses that are likely to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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