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(This is a hypothetical case study : we do not think that Next is planning to open coffee shops at present ) Next is aiming t - Essay Example

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Question 1: Cafe Next requires all coffee bar managers to interview applicants who were shortlisted for jobs in the coffee bar. Examine the reliability and validity of the interview and explain how the selection process can be made more objective. The main requirement of Cafe Next in this situation is to interview the short listed applicants for jobs in the coffee bars…
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(This is a hypothetical case study : we do not think that Next is planning to open coffee shops at present ) Next is aiming t
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Extract of sample "(This is a hypothetical case study : we do not think that Next is planning to open coffee shops at present ) Next is aiming t"

Download file to see previous pages Various types of interviews can be made in order to select the appropriate candidates such as online interviews, direct interviews, telephonic interviews etc. The interview could be made more objective by using any of the different types. For instance, “Panel interviews, in Panel interviews there may be a mixture of personnel specialists, technical experts and line managers” (Panel Interviews: How to Face More than One Interviewer, 2011). The panel interviews help the employer or line managers to save their precious time because more than one candidate is involved in this process. However, this system may be uncomfortable for the candidates unlike the members in the panel. In “it’s often a good idea to have more than one person doing the interviewing” (Managing Age: A Guide to Good Employment Practice, 2007, p. 18). The members in the interview panel must take notes as they need to make sure that they have a record of what is happening during the course of the interview. So this kind of steps could be used in the interviewing process. In order to make the interviews more objective, training could be provided to the interviewers, since this would help them to acquire the needed information, knowledge and patterns to conduct the interview. So ultimately, the interviewers can perform their job well. The process of recruitment and selection also has a major role. Recruitment can be defined as “a process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time” (Recruitment: An Overview: Resource Summary, 2011). Cafe Next Coffee managers could use various selection instruments such as written examinations, group discussions and direct interviews for the selection process. This process is done prior to the recruitment process. Some of the management experts say that direct interview is more reliable and valid. But another group of the experts says that such type of an interview is extremely personal tool and so it is not highly reliable and valid when compared with the other selection instruments. In direct interviews, the interviewer can ask relevant questions and can identify whether the candidate is capable of fulfilling the tasks given to him or her. The interviewer can observe the mannerisms and gestures of the candidate, which would, in a way, help them to decide the selection of befitting candidates. In this case, Cafe Next coffee managers could use the appropriate selection techniques. Not only direct interviews but also written tests and group discussions along with other tools for identifying their talents can be put to use. “The process of selecting candidates involves two main processes: short listing, and assessing applicants to decide who should be made a job offer” (Selection Method: Resource Summary, 2011). 2 Examine how the company could use EITHER performance related pay OR Total Reward within the coffee bar and what would be the pros and cons of rewarding employees in this way? The company could use Performance Related Pay within the coffee bar. It would be more appropriate method for rewarding the employees. “Performance Related Pay (PRP) is a method of remuneration that links pay progression to an assessment of individual performance, usually measured against pre-agreed objectives (‘classic’ PRP, also known as individual PRP or merit pay)” (Performance- Related Pay, 2008). Performance Relat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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