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Investigative journalism: abandoned building in London - Essay Example

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Abandoned Croydon General Hospital: Challenges to the Redevelopment The Croydon General Hospital building at one time had about 250 beds for in-patients. The expansion and development of the nearby Mayday Hospital complemented by the age and state of the building’s disrepair, made it impractical to maintain and it was closed to patients by 1996…
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Investigative journalism: abandoned building in London
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Extract of sample "Investigative journalism: abandoned building in London"

Download file to see previous pages Demolition that started in 2004 cost the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) about ?800,000. There are now, however, some occupied spaces of the hospital building which houses the Croydon Healthy Resource Centre with 16 apartments which opened in 2008 for the public. It was run by the Metropolitan Housing Trust which gained permission in 2005. The Croydon NHS Trust is tapped to develop a park in the place until such time that actual redevelopment starts. The majority of the building todays remains barren, and decrepit. There was a time when the Croydon Voluntary Action or CVA partnered with the SLaM to redevelop the site. Plan for the provision of 16 units of shared-ownership apartments for social-renting, a variety of community facilities, and healthcare centre made redevelopment hopeful for the Croydon General Hospital building. However, these plans were abandoned for financial constraints in 2004. There are many who remain hopeful for the development of the old, dilapidated, and partly demolished building. One of them is Mr. Brian Mumford of the Broad Green Residents’ Association who suggested that a community garden or park would be most welcome for residents. Another resident added that while the area would be given back to whichever would be tasked the regeneration project, it would be best for it to become an open park for the mean time to reduce its horrible state. Another resident added, “The building adds to the eerie atmosphere of the area.” What some of the nearby residents fear is for the area to contribute to the growth of crime. It has been noted that abandoned buildings tend to become magnet for criminal activities like mugging and robbery. “We are not expecting a massive housing development but just some community centres to cater to social and healthcare needs of Croydon residents,” one resident who have attended community dialogues added. The centres are expected to address immediate healthcare concerns, help increase employment, engage residents in inclusive activities, and help improve lives and social conditions. An eco-friendly community centre with a green roof for wildlife and plants was designed and expected to replace the hospital, costing about ?2 million. It is expected to house more than 30 community groups in north-west Croydon. However, these plans will yet to materialise. It should be noted that the building had been proposed to become a healthcare centre to be run by SLaM, the Croydon Primary Care Trust, Croydon Social Services and the CVA. These did not materialise. One officer of the Croydon NHS Trust who refused to be identified said that they are still looking into raising funds to finance the redevelopment. “There are various institutions, some of them private, we are currently negotiating with,” he said when asked about any development of the project. “As of now, funds are not enough and un-available. “ A critic of regeneration, however, was quick to point out that “There is high probability that multinational retailers must be tapped to invest on the project and this would definitely accommodate the retailers once the project is done. It will increase the rent for local organisations and prospective residents. This will drive prices up in the area and will not be affordable.” The critic based his assumption on recent and previous regeneration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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