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Key Factors Influencing Viability of Desirable Development in Croydon - Term Paper Example

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The author introduces the importance of the urban planning process and the reason the author sets increasing housing provides affordable housing as a desirable development based on Croydon's local planning policy. The author gives recommendations of policies to the council and justifies them…
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Key Factors Influencing Viability of Desirable Development in Croydon
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Extract of sample "Key Factors Influencing Viability of Desirable Development in Croydon"

Download file to see previous pages I am writing from the standpoint of a planner advising the Croydon council about increase housing provision, especially affordable housing, as the desirable development to meet the local planning strategy and solve the housing issues in Croydon. The report divided into three steps.

Urban planning is best defined as a form of state intervention in a development process dominated by the private sector (David, P.2). As David stated, any form of planning including bargaining, negotiation, controlling is for the purpose of producing a better urban environment for people living in the area. It is a means to achieve sustainable development including the use of scarce resources, better social inclusion, long-term economic growth, which ensures better lives for ourselves and a better environment for future generations (NPPF, 2012). Solving the existing physical and social issues by making relevant policies, planning authorities are participating in the market in the role of moderately improving the situation towards a more acceptable position.

Croydon Unitary Development Plan was the development plan for the borough until the LDF comes into force in 2012. Croydon, as the largest London borough, has the highest population among all London boroughs. It has a wide variety of residential areas. The residential neighborhoods comprise distinct communities that focus on established centers. Croydon has a significant commercial city center, which is built for the purpose of regional, as well as national importance in the Vision 2020 for Croydon Metropolitan Center. It has a fully developed infrastructure including convenient traffic linking to London and efficient public transportation.

UDP (2006) indicates the development strategy takes the Croydons location, role in the economic activity, and present situation into account. The city needs to grow positively by providing a certain amount of housing to meet the market demand, a series of jobs to meet employment needs, and the implementation of the Vision 2020 for Croydon Metropolitan Centre. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Key Factors Influencing Viability of Desirable Development in Croydon Term Paper.
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