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Managment - Essay Example

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MANAGEMENT The term sustainability is aptly applied by the environmentalists, corporate culture, social and natural scientists and analysts. It simply refers to the administering and allocation of the available sources in such a manner that they could prove supportive in respect of meeting the current business requirements in a refined way according to the plans and schemes developed and designed by the management of the company, firm or organization…
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Download file to see previous pages In simple words, sustainability aims to combat with the latest challenges by allocating the resources and energies for the short term period without putting the future developments into jeopardy. Thus, sustainability is basically seen by neoclassical economists as a problem of managing a nation’s portfolio of capital to maintain it at a constant level, either in toto or per capita. It includes natural capital, in principle, but it also allows for virtually unlimited substitution between man-made and natural capital (Pearce et al., 1990: quoted in Ayers 2000 2). Hence, sustainability looks into the canvas of business environment with a larger and long term perspective. However, it does not mean that it absolutely nullifies the long-term planning. On the contrary, it works out on current corporate scenario in such a dedicated way, by exercising best of skills and proficiencies that it indirectly creates long-term shareholder value by increasing opportunities and minimizing risk factors for the future years to come. Sustainability is essentially the continuity of the satisfaction regarding the fulfillment of basic needs; the same can be witnessed by elaborating the concept within corporate point of view, where it is actually the strategy devised and articulated to keep the ball of commercial activities rolling. The analysts divide sustainability into two different levels, which include weak and strong sustainability. Weak sustainability is the idea that natural capital can be used up as long as it is converted into manufactured capital of equal value. On the other hand, strong sustainability is the idea that there are certain functions that the environment performs that cannot be duplicated by humans.(Hart, Maureen 1998 3) In other words, the theorists argue that different forms of capital can be utilized by converting it from natural form into manufactured capital form. Consequently, weak sustainability measures the value of natural objects, beauties and capital within a monetary perspective without taking into account its worthwhile status as the pure object of nature. For instance, mountains offer countless beauties and finances are generated from the tourists and visitors. Additionally, there are countless natural products that could be obtained from mountains and hills. However, the weak sustainability mere calculates the gains that could be generated by turning the hilly areas into plains. Thus, the narrow-sightedness of the notion appears to be unable to provide an in-depth analysis of the objects of nature and mistakenly regard them as the wastage of resources out of which huge money could be generated. Similarly, a forest full of trees contains the worth quite different from the estimation made by an entrepreneur. A value can be calculated if you assume that all the trees are cut down and turned into furniture or paper. However, the forest provides a home for wildlife that provides food for hunters. It also provides a place for hikers to enjoy the natural environment. (Hart, Maureen 1998 5) On the other hand, strong sustainability refutes the very idea that natural capital are substitute to one another and hence can be estimated in terms of materialistic and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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