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Values and Goals Assignment - Essay Example

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Values A. Terminal Values: 1. Family Security - traditional, absolute Example: Having witnessed and experienced a strong family affection and sense of emotional security, it gives me the strong conviction to uphold such concept when I decide to carve a family of my own…
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Values and Goals Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages 2. A Comfortable Life-- personal, relative Example: The significance of working towards independent and more convenient lifestyle is still a valuable concept for me and my family. Not exactly deprived of material things and basic necessities, my parents taught me the importance of being prepared prior to establishing my own family. With personal regard, I agreed with them, at the same time, I made personal pledge to always include my family in my subsequent success in career, providing for them financially and ensuring that they are comfortable in life--as I plan to be in my own life. 3. Social Recognition -- extrinsic, relative Example: Like anybody, the need to be recognized has a strong appeal for a young person such as me. I remembered one event wherein I joined a dancing club, more to be accepted as part of a circle of friend that are popular in school rather than to enhance my dancing skills. As such, being socially accepted secures higher self-esteem and confidence in dealing with other people in social settings. If the value of social acceptability conflict with family conditions, the latter relatively hold elevated import compared to the former. B. Instrumental Values: 1. Intellectual -- absolute Example: In the performance of any activities, the value of intellectual process is consistently utilized. Intelligence constitutes objective and practical decision-making and practicality, serving as effective means in arriving at sound decisions and actions, as such when dealing with familial problems. I have to be objective in examining which actions constitute worse consequences and which may be better for all. Intellectual capacities, then, help resolve problems and reinforce actions for betterment of personal and familial status. 2. Hardworking -- intrinsic, professional Example: Hard work constitutes an internal sense of satisfaction. During a low-paying summer job, I did not deter from my hard working practices, as I derived a certain kind of fulfillment knowing that I had accomplished more than I expected, at reasonable times. For me, this demonstrated how efficient I am if I put my mind into it. On the professional side, such value can be an asset to the company, enhancing the degree of worth I experienced for my own accomplishments. 3. Affectionate -- relative, personal Example: Aside from my family, I pour my affectionate nature on my friends and some of my neighbors. One concrete example is the grocery store where I frequently visited, where the value of affection is translated to the staff, and most of the time, they save me one of their best goods as proof of the affectionate camaraderie we shared in such commercial setting. Affectionate value, can be reciprocated if expressed sincerely and prudently. Reflection: I used to be quite hard working when it comes to my studies, studying earlier for examinations and passing projects and assignments ahead of deadlines. However, this seemed to minimize with the participation of social activities and gatherings, shortening time spent on academic pursuits. My need for social recognition eclipses the desire for intrinsic fulfillment with hard work, as such that I nurture the value of the former rather than the latter. In another aspect, affectionate gestures seemed quite disconnecting in competitive world of academics. If being demonstrative in one’s kind affections may give other students the impression of emotional weakness that can easily be bullied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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