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2 assignments order: 1st Principles of Strategic Planning 2 pages + 6 references; 2nd :The Importance of a Shared Organizational Vision 2 pages + 6 references - Assignment Example

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These strategic plans have steps that are followed to enable the whole process of implementation. The strategic planning involves establishment of…
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2 assignments order: 1st assignment Principles of Strategic Planning 2 pages + 6 references; 2nd Assignment:The Importance of a Shared Organizational Vision 2 pages + 6 references
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Extract of sample "2 assignments order: 1st Principles of Strategic Planning 2 pages + 6 references; 2nd :The Importance of a Shared Organizational Vision 2 pages + 6 references"

Management College Assignment Strategic planning Public and non-profit organizations have strategic plans they set in order to implement public policies and meet their targets. These strategic plans have steps that are followed to enable the whole process of implementation. The strategic planning involves establishment of priorities based on what is to be accomplished in future as per the organization (CH2M HILL, AWWA Research Foundation, American Water Works Association, & Honolulu, 2003).
In the process of strategic planning, involvement of both the organizational leaders and their employees is vital. This ensures that the employees are aware of the expectations of their organization. For instance, the Social Security Administration is an agency that deals with administering social security in terms of social insurance. For the agency to meet its obligations, it had to set out a clear strategic planning (Verardo, & American Society for Training and Development, 1997).
In order to receive these social security benefits, the clients are entitled to social security taxes. These taxes are deducted from the workers’ earnings. This is part of the agency’s plan to achieve its goal. Through he applications to get these benefits, the leaders in the agency are able to identify their clients. The managers then come up with an inventory that tries to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the customers and that of the organization in reference to the opportunity at hand.
When the customers are being involved in the process of delivering the services, they are briefed of the vision of the organization. It is from there where they are able to comply with the requirements regarding the delivery of services. This motivates them to get more involved in the operations of the organization, hence enabling the organization to meet its target goals (Ethridge, & University of Michigan, 1997).
According to me, setting up a strategic plan in which the customers are involved is recommendable in ensuring that the organization succeeds in its overall mission.
Assignment 2
Shared organizational values
In an organization, individual members have different values that relate to their conduct. These values, when merged to the values perpetuated in the code of conduct of the organization, give a direction to the organization. An organization that bears and is guided by the values set enables the members to work in harmony. This makes it easy for an organization to achieve its goal (Ghosh, 2005).
Managers are mandated to impart shared values of the organization to their employees. They impart meaning of the shared values to the events of the organization. For instance, a social event or training seminars are some ways through which shared values can be imparted to employees by their managers (Moyles, 2006).
In my workplace, for instance, the manager organizes training seminars for employees. In one of these seminars, he tried to relate it to the shared organization values we had. He used team work, customer service, service quality, and respect for employees, innovation and striving for excellence as some of the values to be incorporated in the training seminar. These happen to be some of the shared values within our organization. Our manager devised ways through which these values were taught within the proceedings of the seminar (Kouzes, & Posner, 2010).
Some of the ways he used included:
1. critically tackling the questions raised by the employees,
2. employing team work in the training session in conjunction with the other managers,
3. respecting opinions given by the employees,
4. inviting employees to make suggestions on how to conduct the seminar, and
5. Enhancing a healthy competitive environment by having presents for the best answers to the questions posed during the seminar.
By the end of the seminar, all the members in the organization had really learnt a lot. We found the seminar effective in enhancing our application of the shared values within our organization. The manager had actually used the organization’s shared values to the possible effect.
CH2M HILL (Firm), AWWA Research Foundation., American Water Works Association., & Honolulu (Hawaii). (2003). Development of a strategic planning process. Denver, Colo: AWWA Research Foundation.
Ethridge, M., & University of Michigan. (1997). The strategic planning process: How non-profit organizations can do it!. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan Urban & Regional Planning Program.
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Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. (2010). The Leadership Challenge. New York: Wiley.
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Verardo, D., & American Society for Training and Development. (1997). Managing the strategic planning process. Alexandria, Va: American Society for Training and Development. Read More
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