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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Creating Job Descriptions and Interview Questions 1. Job Description of HR Director The HR Director is required to undertake all efforts and measures which would ensure that the organizational mission and vision are set in line to achieve the end objectives and goals…
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Creating Job Descriptions and Interview Questions
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Download file to see previous pages The HR Director would be the one who will oversee all HR related tasks within the organization as his decisions would be in line with how the organization views the entire dictum of recruiting, selecting, and eventually firing the employees. The HR Director would report to the top management about the steps that have been undertaken by the HR department and apprise them of the gradual and incremental shifts that have been coming about within the organization from time to time. He would also be reporting to the CEO of the company as regards to the fiscal measures and thus tell him how the company would meet its goals and objectives that are being seen through the eyes of the most prized resources within the organization, i.e. the employees themselves. The HR Director would also form up plans and later on execute them for best possible mileage of the organization. It would mean that the shortcomings with the HR domains are taken care of in a proactive way and the strengths are cashed upon in an amiable manner as well. The HR Director would oversee the tasks of the HR manager and his team while finding solutions to keep them encouraged at all times (Sims, 2002). Overall, the HR Director will also play a significant role at liaising between the employees that are under his aegis, forming links of interaction and communication amongst them, and finding the reasons behind low employee morale. He will have a proactive eye on the falling standards of work conditions, and find a way to resolve the same. The HR Director will give his best within the HR domains on a regular basis and would be confident at all times. The HR Director would therefore play a very active role at forming serious links with the employees, and be present regularly at his office to set a personal example within the organization. 2. Create 10 questions that you can use to interview candidates for the position of HRM director at the company. The questions should include probes for additional information and desired responses. 1. Are you at complete understanding with how the HR policies change because our organization is a proactive one and wants to move towards newer pastures with the passing times? Would you go an extra mile to learn something new, considering you are getting hired for the HR Director post? 2. Would you be able to work in the form of a team that achieves its objectives in accordance with the work realms of one another or are you someone who believes in one-man-show for the sake of displaying authority and control? What is the reason behind being one of the two? 3. How closely in touch are you with the technological facets and realms? Have you had any computer and IT courses of late that could make you a better choice for the post of HR Director at this organization? 4. This job requires you to visit outdoor locations and to travel far and wide. Are you open to such an offer because the hiring and selecting regimes require the aspirants to be interviewed first hand before the HR department decides to hire them or otherwise? 5. What would it take to make your mark on the organizational philosophy that has come about of age with the passage of time? Would you go out of your way to make sure that the organization is your top most priority in professional terms? 6. Would you be open to a salary cut if and when the need arises? In times of today, this is a serious undertaking on the part of the organization and you should be ready for it to happen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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