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Out-of Control Interview - Assignment Example

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The writer of the essay "Out-of Control Interview" suggests that one must be aware of both structured and unstructured interview as well as situational and behavioral interviews. It is advisable that an interviewee should be vigilant just from the moment they step into the organization’s compound…
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Download file to see previous pages By Maria being able to take a job as a waitress in a hotel yet she’s such an intelligent person just shows how non-selective she is when it comes to doing anything to survive. She’s therefore depicted as one who is driven by her goals and will do anything to achieve her goals. He can be useful to the organization in case Maria was employed there since she will ensure she does what it takes in order to achieve what they want. On the part of the carelessness of the firm’s management with their questions, it actually reflected a well-thought interview, most interviews are known for just touching on what they people expect out of the interview such as questions about one’s career, skills, and experience. A person is always prepared fully to even tell a lie when it comes to testing them on the usual aspect they expected out of an interview. Therefore, for the management to really realize your real character, thought and skills of critical thinking, it is very important that they make the interview appear like they are not even serious with it or have careless questions in between. In this way, one will be taken out of their already thought answers that might not be true, to give exactly what you are to the panel. As you try to respond to the careless questions they throw at you, they also get the chance to study your reaction that gives them a chance to make their informed decision about you. Maria must have regarded the carelessness of the management seriously and decided to be herself in responding to such questions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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