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They portray the public face of the organization. Therefore, when conducting interviews to hire a leader, it is very important to hire individuals who are of…
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Leadership Group Communication
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Leadership Group Communication Leaders in a business organization are people who are to have the greatest role to play for the success of the company. They portray the public face of the organization. Therefore, when conducting interviews to hire a leader, it is very important to hire individuals who are of the perfect match for the position. The interviewer should consider potential interview subjects such as leadership, management skills as well as competency.
Leadership questions can be used by the interviewer to be able to define what kind of a leader an individual is; it further gives the leadership style used by the interviewee to handle administrative issues, how easily he can influence other workers to be a team and what actions he takes to be able to control these work effort to realize positive results. Management style provides the employer with the idea on how the interviewee would go about achieving the business set objectives as a vital role of a leader in the organization (London, 1999). Conversely, competency based questions outline the performance abilities of an employee and focus on the past behavior of an individual towards solving related problems. In a nutshell, the employer is able to determine the set skills required to hire a worker when the interview is based on subjects.
They are considered to leaders because their exemplary skills that enable them to identify organizational goals and objectives put together plans and sensitize people working under them to achieve goals through the execution of plans. I would pick on a leader who is able to identify what to in relation with the objective of the organization, strategize how and who can carry out the strategy successfully (London, 1999).
In relation to the “Jacinda’s’ United Way video, the strengths good leadership qualities were witnessed right from the time the lady left the street and joined the institution. There is team work and good communication skills by the leadership. The staff was able to be mobilized by their leader; they were able to work in a team for the success of their organization. All the programs were coordinated and worked effectively, this was through good communication from the top leadership to other workers; the leader could be clear and succinctly explained to the other employees everything from organizational goals to specific tasks.
Nonprofit leadership faces a lot of challenges when it comes to the management for smooth running of the organization (London, 1999). By trying to put in order administrative documents effectively, their main concern seems to be achieving the set mission, vision and the guiding principles. There is a greater challenge in performing their duties, as it is a problem identifying, hiring and retaining the productive staff when they face various changes at the same time. More talented leaders tend to look for more paying jobs at the expense nonprofit that does not give room for improvement. As a result they face operational effectiveness challenge that is brought about by the changing trends, such as the technological advancement. These calls for self-sacrifice that always bear little for the organization whether they organize their administrative documents appropriately to heighten trust-based expectations from them.
London, M. (1999). Principled leadership and business diplomacy: Values-based strategies for management development. Westport, Conn: Quorum Books. Read More
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Leadership Group Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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