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Operations Strategy - Essay Example

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Operations Strategy Introduction Operations strategy is one of the most important considerations in an organization which aims to achieve its corporate objectives. The onset of global business has made this become clearer considering that the need to compete is necessary to be taken into special account…
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Operations Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, it is not only enough to focus the whole energy of an organization on production activities, but considering that there are existing processes in the business world as it continuously evolves, other aspects need to be substantially focused and even strategic actions have to be implemented. History The existence of business itself paves way to the formulation of operations strategy. Businesses ended up to the creation of business strategies. These led to the formulation of effective operations strategies (Waters, 1999). Businesses have to function efficiently and this is the reason why strategies are necessary to be integrated with the whole business operation. In fact, this is evident on how the United States’ business evolved over time. The evolution of business policy and management started between 1930 and 1960 as highly influenced by American dominance in the global market (Amatori & Jones, 2003). It is during this period that business was considered as an isolated American subdiscipline. During this time, the United States has become one of the leading countries that introduced business sophistication into the world. This resulted to significant innovation and major changes how the business including its operations was conducted. Throughout history, businesses evolved and primarily this is sped up by the onset of globalization in the modern business world. In globalization, there is increasing interdependence between national systems through different aspects including trade, military alliance, domination and cultural imperialism (Waters, 2001). It is not surprising therefore that the business world has significant changes over time due to the fact that interdependence between nations existed. This includes maximization of resources and operation. This is the very reason why business has become international and has turned into a good opportunity for international organizations to maximize their operations and resources. As the effect, each organization that tries to compete with each other is trying to create competitive strategies for their competitive advantage (Porter, 1990). For instance, marketing strategies existed and companies are after of stimulating needs not just relying purely on production oriented operation approach (Boone & Kurtz, 2006; Kotler et al., 1999). In short, the need for operations strategy is necessary in order to compete. The need for innovation is not just on producing new service or product offerings, but there is substantial consideration on business operation approach in which strategies are become its integral parts in the process. In other words, as business itself evolved, its corresponding operation which has been an integral part in its existence has also become so involved with business strategic formulation. This is in line with the creation of competitive advantage due to spiraling growth of competition everywhere most especially that the world has become so compressed when it comes to interdependence in trade. Thus, every organization is expected to formulate their very own operation strategies in order to sustain their ventures and even maximize their full advantage in their respective industries. Relevance It is important to understand that the relevance of operations strategy at present can be traced back to how business has substantially evolved. Operations element of a business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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