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The Importance of Operation Plan in Restaurant Industry Marketing - Literature review Example

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The goal of the review "The Importance of Operation Plan in Restaurant Industry Marketing" is to assess the role of operation plan in regard to business profitability. Furthermore, the writer will evaluate the potential of using implementations of particular enterprise resource planning systems…
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The Importance of Operation Plan in Restaurant Industry Marketing
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Operation Plan in Restaurant Industry Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages Poor financial governance in a new operation plan may be a hindrance to its success. Strategy Before expanding its business to serving breakfast, the organization should completely stabilize its former operations. This is because the initial operations form the identity of the business. In an argument by Grant (2005) the identity of a business venture is the most important thing in business even in the consideration of increasing its operations venture. In case of any incidence of risk, the former operations will be used as a mitigations tool. According to Schermerhorn (2009), once an organization is identified with particular business operation, it is more likely to prosper in it than when venturing in other operations. However, in this case, the operations are similar and involve similar operations. The staff in the restaurant should be tuned so that they accommodate breakfast schedules their activities. Different from serving other meals, breakfast served to walk-in consumers requires appropriate time management. Time barrier may hinder the restaurant from offering reliable breakfast services. The restaurant transition from serving breakfast to serving other meals should also be well structured (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Considering it as a new activity the restaurant should adapt indulging into two shifts of serving a meal. In making the new operations the organizations efficient, the management should consider the training of the staff. Training of the staff will increase their efficiency in serving a new set of meal. In this serving also includes packaging of contents in breakfast. As a new venture, the restaurant needs new staff training procedures which would incorporate new activities in the venture. For instance, the restaurant will have to add trained chefs who are experienced in the preparation of breakfast meals. Apart from the employment of new cooking staff the restaurant should consider training the already existing staff. These will cut the cost on the implementation of the new operation plan. The restaurant should also consider the implementation of a good marketing plan. In the consumer population, the restaurant is famous only for other meals rather than breakfast meals. To increase their significance in the market, the restaurant should employ very informative marketing strategies. The marketing strategy should be in consideration of other competitors SWOT analysis (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2008). Processes The process of a business transformation is generally referred to as a project. In this case, the restaurant should view this operational change as a project. To make the project successful the restaurant need to separate the operations of serving breakfast from the rest of the restaurant setting. In this way, the breakfast operations will be handled as lone projects. According to Strategic Direction (2007) in this way, the project will have enough attention and attention to launch to full operation. Launching a new line of operation in an existing business should be free from influence from an already existing company. If the two lines of operations are different it becomes more than impossible to launch a successive new line of operations. For instance, a breakfast line in a fast-food setting requires a well structured new management an operational strategy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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