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Human Resource Management at Work: Amifood case - Essay Example

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This research analyzes the theoretical and practical implications of the proposal put forward by the HR manager. The research also analyzes several theoretically applicable HR models that Amifood can adopt in the long run, for the Manchester business unit, to improve performance. …
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Human Resource Management at Work: Amifood case
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"Human Resource Management at Work: Amifood case"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that Amifood’s importance in the food and drink industry is undoubted. It’s global presence not only entrenches its status as a world leading service firm, but it also increases expectations with respect to practices related to quality assurance, human resource excellence, environmental practices and customer service. The global operations are hence expected to be at par with the best in the industry. The Manchester unit of business forms half of the firm’s operations in the United Kingdom and is of special significance. It caters to the niche market of airline catering. The market is severely competitive and any compromise on service and quality can render perpetrators clueless and behind competition. One of the options for Amifood is to adopt a standardized model for HR. These models seek to generate high performing work systems that enable employees to perform par excellence and are able to align their practices with the well understood standards of the organization. Justification for Best Practices Model: The underlying argument, backed by evidence, for the best practices model is that all firms that adopt this model will see an improvement in performance as a result of its implementation. Method of Implementation: The model works by identification of best practices in the industry. HR is given a high profile within the firm and is a part of strategic decision making. All decisions are affected by the HR policy. Top level commitment is sought when deciding the HR policy and it is measurable, quantifiable and must be sold to strategic management for approval. Advantages of the Best Practices Model: The generation of consensus with respect to what constitutes best practice is a genuine advantage of this model. The industry benchmark, once set, is sought after by participants, and this can have positive implications for Amifood, which is still unclear on its strategic HR direction, specially with respect to Airline catering. Furthermore, the operational and evaluative aspects of the HR policy are decided and there is no need to re invent methods. This is not only cost affective, but helps create a standardized ground for evaluating employees of the same industry(Bratton & Gold 2001). Disadvantages of the Best Practices Model: There is potential for glitches and inconsistency if we step beyond straightforward practices mentioned above. There is a great diversity of what constitutes best practice and the organizational context plays a key role in determining the relative importance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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