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Evaluating Human Resource Management - Case Study Example

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The paper "Evaluating Human Resource Management" discusses that the development of HR management has led to the creation of several new forms of HR strategies around the world. Its role has become vital in the survival of any organization no matter its size or its cultural or financial background…
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Evaluating Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Evaluating Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Soutar et al. (1999, p.203) stated that “culture is an important idea as it deals with the way people live and approach problem-solving in a social and organizational context”. Moreover, Schuler et al. (1998, p.159) noticed that the differentiation of human resources management in each particular work should be based on the following criteria: “a) the business structure, b) the legislative and employment relationship context, c) the patterns of HRM competence and decision-making and d) the national culture”. An issue that should be made clear is the fact that human resources management tends to present different forms in accordance with the standards of the environment in which it is applied. For this reason, a general description of its content could be helpful towards its analytical examination. Indicatively, Sims (2002, p.3) after studying the phenomenon of development of human resources management in enterprises and governmental organizations around the world came to the conclusion that “human resources involve HRM programs aimed at developing HRM strategies for the total organization with an eye toward clarifying an organization’s current and potential problems and developing solutions for them; they are oriented toward action, the individual, the global marketplace, and the future”. One of the major characteristics of the above development has been the existence of significant differences among human resources strategies applied in the countries that have different cultural traditions or financial status. In this way, it has been found that there are many differences between the HR management applied in US or UK and the one applied in Japan. Regarding this issue, Kono (2001, p.251) states that “there are obvious differences between the Japanese and the US system, but it is the latter that has defined normal practice for so many management scientists”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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