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An Investigation into the issue of human trafficking, the factors that promote it and the obstacles in preventing this evolving - Essay Example

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Human Trafficking Name Date Abstract The purpose of this assignment is to provide an analysis of the problem of human trafficking. Starting with the definition and the different forms of human trafficking, the essay moves onto discussing the various issues that have led to the relatively recent increase in the incidence of human trafficking…
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An Investigation into the issue of human trafficking, the factors that promote it and the obstacles in preventing this evolving
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An Investigation into the issue of human trafficking, the factors that promote it and the obstacles in preventing this evolving

Download file to see previous pages... Although human trafficking has been present for a very long time, it has increased a lot in the last quarter of the 20th century due to a number of reasons, the main being the increased number of refugees due to many civil wars, increased poverty due to global crises and natural disasters, and the increased emphasis on sexuality in the media. Human trafficking is not just an issue that can be taken lightly. It does not just lead to the exploitation of human beings through the development of the sex industry and forced labor, but also results in other illicit activities. Often, the money from the illicit profits is used for the growth and expansion of drugs or illegal weapons related businesses. This kind of a business again requires some form of exploitation of children and women, and sometimes even men. So a vicious circle is formed from which people cannot escape. Rather more and more fall into these precarious work conditions. The issue of human trafficking needs to be addressed properly by governments that want to break people out from the vicious cycle of human trafficking. ...
The paper, therefore, looks at the reasons in a lot of detail. In order to understand them, however, it is important to fully comprehend the definition and forms of human trafficking. Definition Human Trafficking, according to Jordan (2002), is the movement of humans within or across borders by the use of inappropriate means, like fraud and force, so that they can be forced into labor, slavery, and servitude. So, human trafficking is an illicit trade whereby human beings are ‘sold’ for the purpose of commercial promotion or slavery. To be more precise, however, the definition provided by the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime and adopted by the UN General Assembly on 15 November 2000, according to Bakirci (2009), is as follows. ‘[. . .] recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of dishonesty, of the misuse of power or of a situation of susceptibility or of the taking or getting of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation’ Hence trafficking, according to the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime, includes at the very least either some form of sexual exploitation or labor exploitation. It is very important to state here, as Bakirci (2009) relates that human trafficking does not necessarily require movement. Unlike human smuggling, human trafficking does not need the person to be moved from one way to the other. But, in effect, trafficking means the recruitment and harboring of individuals in the professions that have been discussed in the definition above. So, people can also be trafficked in their homelands, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Trafficking

The author states that greed for money and riches has triggered human trafficking where individuals concerned have their victims introduced to their evil ways of making money.  The ways include introduction to prostitution and pornography, sexual exploitation in people of diverse ages; that is, children young adults and even the old.

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Human trafficking
The terms “involuntary servitude, debt bondage, and forced labor” are others names that imply some form of exploitation and the forcible detainment of another person against his or her own volition. Regardless to the name or term used human trafficking is crime, a crime against humanity and a gross violation of human rights.
8 Pages(2000 words)Essay
Human Trafficking
Small children and women are exploited in the sex industry. These victims not only suffer physically but also psychologically .As human trafficking is a multinational setup it is likely to become income generating business for antisocial elements. Human trafficking bears its roots in Slavery .People are enslaved because of debt and are forced to work as bonded labour.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Human Trafficking
Many think that only women and children are victims of human trafficking; however, this is far from the truth because men are exploited just as much, as coercion, deception, and force are used.
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Human Trafficking
hich recruitment, transportation and transfer of people occurs and which uses people for purposes of exploitation in order to earn favors as well as money. Human trafficking has centered its attention on getting work done through the illicit use of threats, oppression,
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Human trafficking
and girls are forced into prostitution, men and boys into hard labor, children into sex slavery and revolutionary soldiering and babies into adoption. Poverty, female prejudice, unemployment, organized crime outfits, corruption and great prostitute demand are main causes.
20 Pages(5000 words)Essay
Human trafficking
The way the three women were lured into the world of sex trafficking was different, but they all suffered at the hands of the people, running brothels in New York City. Helena is a character, which was seduced by a man, lured to New York City and was then forced to work in a prostitute house. Similarly, Nadia wanted to be a supermodel and ran away from home, directly in the hands of the sex traffickers.
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Global Issue: Human Trafficking
The largest proportion of trafficked humans involves women, which could involve transfer across or within state boundaries. Most of them end up in slavery-like conditions, servitude, or debt bondage, as a result. Trafficking in women has been driven by demand for services they offer, whether coerced or voluntary, primarily in the sex industry.
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Law and Human Trafficking
The author states that high rate of missing children in the various countries makes Human Trafficking a global crisis and raises much concern for the integrity of human morals and intention of the traffickers who were stealing children from the countries. The immigration departments at the US borders have loop holes in their organizations.
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Human Trafficking

The author states that human trafficking does not only happen within a country’s. Human traffickers go for the weak and vulnerable members of the society who are mainly women and children. Victims of the acts include men, women and children who are cheated and driven into trafficking, grabbing from them of their power as human beings.

2 Pages(500 words)Essay
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