Deception by the Investigating Officer - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the deception and analyzes its concept as applied by investigating officers, detection of deception, the ethical issues surrounding this deception as well as the reasons for and against the application of this form of deception…
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Deception by the Investigating Officer
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Extract of sample "Deception by the Investigating Officer"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Deception by the Investigating Officer" talks about the deception and analyzes its concept as applied by investigating officers, detection of deception, the ethical issues surrounding this deception as well as the reasons for and against the application of this form of deception.
In the criminal justice system, legal officers perform various tasks to ensure that there is the maintenance of law and order and criminals receive the punishment that they deserve. In this regard, investigating officers, charged with the responsibility of investigating suspects through interrogation and other means, have a very critical role to play in revealing the truth. In their pursuit of disclosing the truth, the criminal justice allows these officers to apply deception in investigative, interrogative and testimonial processes in order to disclose the truth. However, there are serious ethical issues surrounding this aspect of deception. As a result, there is often a conflict between the ethical standards of the society and implementation of laws.
The police-induced confessions have influential and moving consequences on the nature of cases and on the entire criminal justice system making them a strong prosecutorial weapon. Definitely, the interrogations by modern police are at times so powerful that they have drawn out coerced compliant and identify false confessions from innocent people. According to researchers, the basis of interrogation is the presumption of guilt making the process too persuasive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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