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Three Categories of Investigative Methods: Reactive Investigation, Proactive Investigation and Disrupti - Essay Example

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A definition of organised crime according to the (The Home Office, 2011,pp.6) “Organised crime is defined as “individuals, normally working with others, with the capacity and capability to commit series crime on a continuing bases, which includes elements of planning, control and coordination and benefits those involved”…
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Three Categories of Investigative Methods: Reactive Investigation, Proactive Investigation and Disrupti
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Extract of sample "Three Categories of Investigative Methods: Reactive Investigation, Proactive Investigation and Disrupti"

Download file to see previous pages Times have changed since 1829 when the so called ‘new Police’ were first established. (Hughes, 2002, p102) suggests that “increased presence of Police Officers on patrol and in the public eye has been key to helping prevent crime. This has been characterised as the scarecrow method, deterring offenders”. These days the sight of a policeman in uniform by itself is insufficient, and debate on the full spectrum of police duties is ongoing. The first instruction book of the Metropolitan Police indicated that “every effort of the police” was to be directed at the prevention of crime (Newburn, 2007, p602). (Europol, 2011. pp. 1 - 4) indicated that due to the changes in the criminal landscape, it required changes in law enforcement skill sets, including an awareness of white-collar, and cybercrime. To combat international organised crime (Wright, 2006, p.188) suggests “that investigating organised crime by means of ‘proactive’ intelligence-led strategies has long been the key to dealing with the problem”. ...
Modern thinking seeks to propel investigators one step ahead of criminals. Over the last thirty years or so there has been a politicisation of policing there has been a shift from traditional policing in England and Wales, for example the creation by the Series Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 of the Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), that became operational in 2006. (Newburn, Williamson and Wright, 2007, p.33)believe it was clear that the London bombings of July 2005 helped with getting this through parliament. Increased scrutiny of the police has encouraged differentiation and specialisation in the interest of combating organised crime. (Lyman and Potter, 2000. pp112) suggested that these organised crime groups had various dimensions or attributes and structure. These groups are: • ?“Are non-ideological” • ?“Are hierarchical” • ?“Have a limited membership” • ?“Are self-perpetuating” • ?“Use illegal violence and/or bribery” • ?“Demonstrate a specific division of labour” • ?“Are monopolistic” • ?“Are governed by explicit rules and regulation” We know a great deal of the structure of organised crime, what has emerged from the police having to develop new strategies of investigation is a painted stereotypical picture of detective work. (Newman, Williamson and Wright, 2007, p.203) agreed that concern was mounting about the increasing sophisticated methods used by criminals involved in serious crime. (Maguire and John, 2006) suggests that “the typical popular portrayal of such work contains the following six assumptions”: • ?“It is ‘reactive” • ?“It is focused on an offence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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