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Making English The Official Language In The United States - Case Study Example

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This paper "Making English The Official Language In The United States" discusses the U.S. government that should require all naturalization processes to be conducted in English. At the same time, the U.S. government should help to establish as many ESL schools as possible…
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Making English The Official Language In The United States
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Extract of sample "Making English The Official Language In The United States"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, people in the United States are divided into hundreds of different groups, each with its own language and culture. For example, I found that people who live in Flushing and do not speak English do not go to other places, even Manhattan. Still, many individuals embrace a multiplicity of languages within the United States on the grounds that it limits discrimination and creates a more diverse society.

In recent years, whether English is the official language or not has become an issue. The United States has no codified official language, even though English is almost commonly used as the language of government, commerce, culture, and daily communications. This demonstrates that it is necessary to make English the official language in the United States. S.I Hayakawa, author, educator, Republican U.S senator from California from 1977 to 1983 and a strong supporter of the U.S English movement mentions, “It is with language that we have drawn up the understandings and agreements…that make a society possible…we must have one official language and one only so that we can unite as a nation” (Enslow 15). Hayakawa points out the necessity of making English as official language, “make a society possible” and “we can unite as a nation”. However, opponents claim that the United States doesn’t need to make English an official language because it will not benefit people here and will affect the diversity of the United States. If English becomes the official language, governments and schools will take measures to get all people in America to use English at school, work, and in public places. It will be more effective for new arrivals or immigrants to have a big improvement in English and succeed in the classroom and the workplace. Declaring English as the official language is very necessary for the government and the citizens of the U.S. This proposal is beneficial and essential for the United States.

English is the most widespread language in the United States, and it is the most common language used by the U.S. federal government.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Making English The Official Language In The United States Case Study.
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