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Passion and Personal Growth - Essay Example

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The reporter declares that When he recollects his earliest memories, he found that his greatest passion has involved learning about people, their unique experiences and the various diversities of thought and interests.  The people are those whose lives have emanated from different backgrounds…
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Passion and Personal Growth
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Extract of sample "Passion and Personal Growth"

When I recollect my earliest memories, I found that my greatest passion has involved learning about people, their unique experiences and the various diversities of thought and interests. The people that capture my attention most are those whose lives have emanated from different backgrounds than my own. Some people find a similar fascination in books or discovering the inner-workings of mechanical or technical devices. However, I feel that passion is a word that relates only to interpersonal relationships. This is because I have witnessed Korea emerging from a war-torn and divided country to become one of the leaders in international trade. The prospect of commerce being traded on a global scale entails interacting with people of varying backgrounds and cultures that on an interpersonal level holds a great deal of fascination for me.
Every person is a complex entity whose perspectives regarding spirituality, self-image, groups of individuals, nature and all other things in life are unique. Mentally bonding with other souls has given me a deep appreciation of the importance of human contact and has allowed me to grow as a person. Long-term relationships and brief conversations in varying situations have shaped my personality and my view of my existence. I often consider how much different I would be; my viewpoint on life altered and thought patterns dissimilar than to what they are presently if not for my passion for people. Certainly, it has provided me a more tolerant viewpoint of other people’s culture and circumstances. It has opened my mind to accept the vast diversities inherent in the human experience and accept the fact that everyone is on their own unique path of learning. I will continue to learn from each person while I briefly cross their path with my own and hope that they will benefit in some way from crossing mine as well.
Progress or grow in life, socially, professionally and personally depends on the quality of social interactions. Hearing instead of listening or easily dismissing another’s thoughts through their words and actions diminishes the capacity for personal knowledge and growth. I believe that by allowing differing opinions to permeate into one’s existing realm of knowledge and perspective can only enhance the human experience. What is absorbed by the conscious mind affects subconscious reactions. By consciously making a determined effort to allow the input of information from other persons can only make this exercise progressively less effortful over a period, causing even casual encounters to become more meaningful to one’s own human experience. Being passionate about human encounters has enriched my life in ways that are incalculable.
My passion for commercial endeavors undoubtedly emanates from my passion for people. A career path involves me directly with other souls, their needs, aspirations, dreams and unique life experiences. I believe that one cannot reach the pinnacle in the business world unless they are passionate about inter-relating with others and truly understanding their desires, which is a motivation that the customer will know to be genuine and truly appreciate. Read More
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(Passion and Personal Growth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Passion and Personal Growth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Passion and Personal Growth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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