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Reason of study - Personal Statement Example

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Many of my greatest accomplishments are yet to come but in my professional career, I have seen success through management systems that I implemented in a company that were quite resistant to change. The Alminhaj Education & Training Company needed help. This company operates a…
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Reason of study
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Extract of sample "Reason of study"

Many of my greatest accomplishments are yet to come but in my professional career, I have seen success through management systems that I implemented in a company that were quite resistant to change. The Alminhaj Education & Training Company needed help. This company operates a dozen private schools with 1,800 teachers and administrators and the organization was severely outdated. There were only 10 computers for 300 employees, no email, official records and documents were still on paper, there was an absence of employee benefits and a poor accounting system and nothing was efficient at all. Tuition and salaries were paid in cash. While working in the human resources department, I had to do everything handwritten and my first priority was to shift toward more productive methods so that the company could grow. I created methods for computerizing the operations and helped update the company to where it was digitized and, therefore, more up-to-date. I was on a mission for finding effective solutions because at the rate the company was going, there was no growth and no incentive for teachers to stay employed there. I faced a lot of resistance from staff members but after a year, I finally was able to achieve credibility which allowed me to implement many other systems that became helpful.
I am most interested in MCPHS because of personal reasons having a brother who was born being extremely weak. I was in high school and he seemed to be slipping away from us every day. After finally being diagnosed, he had numerous surgeries and the doctors were telling our family each different theories of treatment. The doctors did not collaborate on his diagnosis and my brother’s health continued to fail. I know he was not the only victim of poor management and communication. There was no steady system in my country for hospitals and health care. Though doctors were qualified, care lacked. My parents traveled to the United States for him to receive treatment and were told he needed constant care. Knowing how my brother suffered, I also volunteered throughout the last semester of my fourth year at the children’s cancer ward in Prince Sultan Center. When I graduated from college and started to work, that was when I started to further understand the problems in management departments that focus on policy and regulation.
It was then that I decided to specialize in the field of Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy (RAHP ). It is exactly what I am looking for in order to help others find what they need for health care purposes. It is my calling to pursue career that somehow encompasses regulatory affairs, product management, marketing, quality assurance and control, as well as manufacturing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in management services, I know the effects of what it takes to organize time management without the loss of quality and it is with this motivation that I am applying to this degree program so that I can help other people in need. Read More
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Reason of Study Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Reason of Study Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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