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Communication Process - Essay Example

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In a business scenario, when a retail manager comes up with an idea on how to increase sales by increasing the variety of a single product or of different products to consumers. …
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Communication Process
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COMMUNICATION PROCESS affiliation Steps of Communication model Personal or Business scenario Sender has an idea Ina business scenario, when a retail manager comes up with an idea on how to increase sales by increasing the variety of a single product or of different products to consumers.
2. The sender encodes the idea in a message.
The manager will then have to formulate this idea that he wants to pass. In this case, the manager has to organize the idea of increasing the number of items in a retail business into a set of symbols i.e. pictures or words.
3. Sender produces the message in a medium.
The manager can either communicate the message orally or in printed form in the shape of letters.
4. The sender transmits a message through a channel.
The manager must then relay the idea to the shareholders. This can be through the use of electronic media such as emails.
5.Audience receives the message
The intended recipients of the message which in this case is the shareholders of the retail firm get access to this message via the channels used.
6.Audience decodes the message
This is then followed by making a mental perception of the message make sense of it. The shareholders will have to perceive the idea to figure out its worth, and then make appropriate decisions based on their perceptions.
7. The audience responds to the message.
Based on the perception of the shareholders regarding the idea, they will either approve or disapprove it (McBride & Quarry, 1986).
8. Audience provides feedback to the sender.
The response of the shareholders to the message will enable the source to determine whether the idea is one worth investing in and whether the message was received as intended.
Potential Barriers
i) Language Barrier
If the shareholders do not share the same language as the sender of the message, language can be an obstacle.
ii) Time Factors
If the audience gets the message later than expected, then the manager may have difficulty proceeding with the idea since he may not be sure of what they want (McBride & Quarry, 1986).
Use of appropriate channels that ensures all the recipients get access to the message.
Ensuring clarity of the message such that the audience do not have a hard time responding to it.
Work Cited
McBride, J., & Quarry, P. (1986). The communication process. Melbourne: Victorian TAFE Off-Campus Network. Read More
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Communication Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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