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Sender is an individual who starts the communication process and wants to correspond with another individual or individuals (Daniels,…
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Communication Process Model
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Communication Process Model al Affiliation) Communication Process Model The parts of communication procedure comprises of Sender and recipient, encoding, message, interpreting, channel, disturbance, and response. Sender is an individual who starts the communication process and wants to correspond with another individual or individuals (Daniels, 2004, p. 70). In this scenario, sender is the physician. While sending a message, the message is encoded. Encoding is the process of transmitting the message in a form that understandable by the receiver. In this study, encoding of the message was in written form. Receiver is an individual or individuals to whom the sender intends to send the message. In this scenario, nurse is the receiver of the message. The receiver obtains the message and understands the message according to his or her perception. The process of understanding the message is decoding, decoding of the message has taken place in this scenario but the receiver has not been able to understand the actual meaning of the message. The desired meaning of the message was that the patient has to take prescribed pills for three times a day, with an interval of four to six hours; the patient has to consume pills with food. The nurse interpreted the message in a different manner; the nurse perceived that the patient had to take one of the pills, each time he consumed food.
Message is data dispatched by an individual (sender) and received by another individual (receiver). In this case, message was the directions of medicine consumption. Communication process fails if the message is misunderstood. Channel is the route selected by the sender to send the message. In this case, channel was patient record. Feedback is the response given to the sender by the receiver. Feedback helps the sender analyze whether the recipient has deduced the desired meaning of the message. Feedback can be vocal or non-vocal responses; in this case, feedback is the direction that patient follows to take his medication. This feedback will inform the sender (physician), that the message was not properly decoded. Obstacles are barriers of effective communication. In this case, obstacle was the perception of the receiver. The receiver could not perceive the actual meaning of the message, and the communication process failed.
The patient has clearly misinterpreted the message because the nurse failed to interpret the original meaning of the message. The consequence of this misinterpretation is over dosage of medication. The patient might end up consuming the medication more than prescribed by the physicians; he might end up having one pill with every meal. If the patient consumes four to five meals a day, the patient might take 4 to 5 pills a day. The original prescription was to consume three pills with a gap of 4 to 6 hours. If the nurse would have interpreted the exact meaning of the message, he/she might have been able to provide correct direction. If the nurse feels that the directions are not appropriate, he/she can consult with the physician and obtain the exact meaning of the message. One of the most effective ways of communication is face-to-face communication. Face to face, communication increases the probability of interpreting the message in desired form.
1. Daniels, R. (2004). Nursing fundamentals: Caring & clinical decision making. Australia: Delmar Learning. Read More
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