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The paper 'Business Communication Process & Product' presents academic writing which is for academic-related purposes while business writing is for business-related purposes. Business writing employs a wide range of documents compared to academic writing…
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Business Communication Process & Product
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Communication may be formal or informal to suit its purpose. Communication is mainly in two way. Face to face communication is used in a business meeting. Communication via telephone is also quite common.
What are the differences in characteristics of these documents?
Differences in characteristics of these documents include formats. Academic writing employs a predetermined format such as APA. It specifies font, spacing and margins. It employs full sentences and complete paragraphs. Business papers only need to be formal. They do not necessitate strict specifics such as APA formats, font, spacing, and margins. Summaries are quite common (Guffey, Rhodes & Rogin, 2009).
What are three examples of occurrences of bias in business writing?
Gender Bias is quite common in business writing. It occurs when an audience is addressed in one gender while it contains both. Examples include writing ‘Dear Sir’ instead of ‘Dear Sir / Madam’. The order or acknowledging the presence of both genders may be questioned too. For example, it preferable to use ‘Dear Madam / Sir’ instead of ‘Dear Sir / Madam’. Prejudice Statements may also occur in business writing. These are preconceptions which form an opinion against another product or organization. They are not based on reason. They are used to sway audiences to the opinions of an author. Lastly, favoritism statements are common in business writing. They could take a form of constant reference to a manager’s favorite employee or strictly highlights of high achievers. They are likely to cause relationship pressure between employees (Guffey, Rhodes & Rogin, 2009).
Identify two strategies you consider important to use when working to reduce bias in business writing
Strategies to overcome these biases include critical consideration of all audiences of a product of business writing. This will help in avoiding biases that may be intentional or unintentional. Proof-reading of documents by a third party would be an excellent strategy to avoid biases which a writer may have not identified (Guffey, Rhodes & Rogin, 2009). Read More
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