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They were of the opinion that video games are very dangerous and of no help to children hence they should be discouraged from using them. I was of…
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A topic of your choice
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Argument Essay: The benefits of video games to children I recently came into an argument with my parents on the issue ofvideo games and the role that they played in the life of teenagers. They were of the opinion that video games are very dangerous and of no help to children hence they should be discouraged from using them. I was of the opinion that video games are very helpful to children and they should be allowed to play them due their wide range benefits. The argument came up when my young siblings requested our parents to consider buying for him a video game, a request they blatantly rejected.
They defended their viewpoint on the basis that video games lead into addiction which will in turn have very severe harmful effects on the children. They will begin to develop physical problems such as eye damage due to extreme exposure to light from the computer. Health concerns will manifest in terms of dizziness and headaches which may turn severe in the long run thus leading to damage in the brain cells and other parts of the body. They further argued that video games being an indoor activity, will not allow the children to go out and play with their age-mates which in turn will lower their chances of being fit as well as the ability to adapt socially with the environment. As a result, the children will not be able to interact well with other people hence leading a life of isolation and low self-esteem. Their academic performance were likely to decline as they will not be able to cope up well in class. They are aware that some of the video games are violent hence will make the children to be very hostile as they grow up thus become irresponsible adults.
I tended to agree with their line of thinking, however they failed to consider some of the benefits of video games to children and I took time to inform them of the advantages so that they could consider buying them for the children. I told them that one of the advantages of video games is that they increase creativity among children as they engage in challenging experiences with the games. They also inculcate a taste for graphics, technology and design thus will tend to widen the scope of career paths for the children. The challenging games tend to sharpen their brains through mental stimulation and relieving them from anxiety or any form of pain. Since most of the games are played by more than one person, it will increase their team-playing abilities thus honing their communication and interactive skills.
In relation to their academic performance, the games will facilitate their ability to solve problems in mathematics and science related subjects due to the creativity gained while playing the games. They will apply the speed gained in the games in solving problems quickly. Finally I informed the parents that the games will offer them an opportunity to interact with the children if they also take interest in playing the games thus increasing their bond. As a result of the mentioned benefits of video games, the parents were greatly convinced and they saw no cause of alarm in purchasing the games for the children. Read More
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A Topic of Your Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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