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Major Project will be a Literature Review of a topic of your choice. The topic should be related to an area of I/O Psychology - Essay Example

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Work Related Stress and Safety Name Institution Employees’ safety in the workplace is crucial. The employer bears the responsibility of ensuring that the safety of employees in the workplace is ensured. The idea of employee safety can be traced back to the industrial era where employees had to work in factories in dangerous conditions…
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Major Project will be a Literature Review of a topic of your choice. The topic should be related to an area of I/O Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Ensuring that the workers are a safe when working not only boosts the employees’ morale but it also has serious implications on the organization. Injuries or deaths resulting from employers’ negligence come with law suits which not only damage the company reputations but affect its overall profitability as they come with huge fines. One of the factors that have been recognized to affect employees’ safety is stress and a depression which makes them more vulnerable to getting injuries (Harrington 2013). This paper looks at how stress affects the safety of employees at the workplace. Who is responsible for safety? Ensuring safety at the workplace takes the effort of the employees, supervisors and employer. The role of employer is tone sure that the workers operate in a safe working environment and that the plants and equipment they use do not pose any health hazards. It is also their duty to ensure give the employees instructions on how safety procedures to avoid improper behavior that puts the worker at the risk of sustaining injuries or putting their health at risk. They should also provide protective equipments and clothing. The employees on the other hand have the responsibility of ensuring their own safety by taking care to protect themselves and people around them from harm. They are also obligated to refrain from conducts such as operating machines when using drugs or drunk as this puts them at a greater risk if getting injured. They also need to go through health assessment to ensure that they are fit to operate certain machines or work in certain environment. Most importantly, they should report defects to the supervisors immediately so that they are corrected before causing any damage. The work of the supervisor is to constantly check the equipments and work place that the workers operate in to ensure that they are not exposed to any health or safety risk (Ashford 1976). It can thus be observed that total safety is achieved by cooperation of all stakeholders involved. Relationship between safety and Stress Researches that have been conducted on employees safety shows that most accidents that happen in the workplace are as a result of unsafe behavior with unsafe working conditions causing a small percentage of the injuries and accidents (Glicken & Robinson 2013). Unsafe behavior causes approximately 80% of the accidents. This means that employees who focus on ensuring that the workplace is safe only take care of 20% which explains why these efforts may not be bearing the expected results. Stress has been identified as the key cause of the unsafe behavior at the workplace. Understanding how stress affects the employees is important in dealing with the unsafe conduct. In today’s world, people are bombarded with a lot of work with some taking more than one job or even working for longer hours in order to take care of their increasing needs as we go through hard economic times. The same people have to deal with other factors in their lives such family or school. This has left the modern working man to be stressed and it is impossible for stress not to be displayed at the workplace. Research shows that it is possible for the employees to deal with work related stress by reducing its occurrence and managing it when it happens. Some of the strategies that can be used are effective two way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Major Project will be a Literature Review of a topic of your choice. The topic should be related to an area of I/O Psychology

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