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What does true friendship require - Essay Example

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In the thank you M’am, true friendship is giving to the poor as demonstrated by Mrs. Luella to Jones, the boy who almost stole her handbag. Mrs. Luella gives…
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What does true friendship require
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Extract of sample "What does true friendship require"

True Friendship The words view of true friendship is putting someone else ‘s happiness first and being loyal, honest, andtruthful. In the thank you M’am, true friendship is giving to the poor as demonstrated by Mrs. Luella to Jones, the boy who almost stole her handbag. Mrs. Luella gives him a meal, does not report him to the police, and gives him 10 dollars to buy the Swede shoes (Hughes 5). In the “A Separate Path", true friendship is telling the truth and trusting fully in someone. Gene tells his friend Finny that he caused his fall with a lot of honesty (Knowles 3). Since Finny trusts Gene as his friend, he does not believe what h says concerning the fall. In ‘The Hobbit’, true friendship is helping the ones in need such as the case in the book in which Gollum helps Bilbo to escape from the tunnel (Falconer 3). True friendship means helping one another and loving the other person in any difficult situation.
In the ‘Thank you M’am’ the fat woman helps the boy with 10 dollars for buying Swede shoes (Hughes 5). The act shows true friendship as Mrs. Luella shows some affection to the poor boy who tried to steal from her. In the book ‘A Separate Path, Finny cannot believe that is the best friend can cause him to fall and break his legs. Finny loves his friend so much and his ready to help him by advising him to train as an athlete (Knowles 4). In the book, The Hobbit Gollum assists Bilbo to get out of the cave, and Gandalf rescues the team when it goes underground (Falconer 3). The theme of friendship and love is evident considering the help Bilbo gets from Gollum and the rescue. In the three books, the themes of friendship and love are portrayed clearly.
In conclusion, true friends love each other as demonstrated by the themes of the three stories. In the first case, the fat woman helps the boy while in the second book Finny does not believe that his true friend can betray him causing him to fall. In the Hobbit, the team gets help from Gandalf and Bilbo gets help from Gollum, which portrays a lot of love and friendship.
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