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Much has been written about violence prevention within college premises in order to raise awareness about women’s safety. Sexual assault of women is one of the ugliest consequences…
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Weekly Activity 9
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Weekly Activity: College campus safety particularly in context of women is an issue of growing concern. Much has been written about violence prevention within college premises in order to raise awareness about women’s safety. Sexual assault of women is one of the ugliest consequences encountered by college administrators when they fail to provide necessary protection to women on campus. In accordance with a smart plan designed to empower women and make them less vulnerable to men, more funds should be invested by colleges in making inquiries into harassment experienced by women. There are many unfortunate institutional barriers which impede the process of protection delivery to women on campus despite good policies enacted by the government like the Jeanne Clery Act. This act requires all colleges and universities to provide emotional support to victims of harassment and sexual assault. However, women still lack safety on campus because in addition to this fact that many attacks go unreported, college administrators themselves demonstrate great disbelief when complaints are delivered to them by victims. This attitude discourages students who need reassurance in times of distress (Zeisler, 2014). In order to turn around the situation of women’s safety for good at my campus, I intend to remove all those institutional barriers which impede delivery of protection to women on time. For this purpose, weekly instructional meetings will be organized after study hours on campus to make students feel more motivated and determined about reporting bad things when they happen to them. It is the silence of women which has made sexual assault a silent epidemic. These meetings will bring together women’s groups and campus safety agents in one place to put a stop to this growing epidemic.
Zeisler, A. (2014, 30 Apr). College Campus Safety: What Parents and Students Should Know. HUFF POST. Retrieved from Read More
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