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The term computer network is used to refer to a network that is based on the system of telecommunications and it enables more than one computer to share and transfer data with other computers and this is why it is even recognized as data network. The data is communicated between…
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Computer network
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Download file to see previous pages Initially computer networks were used for military purposes, but today every a huge population of individuals as well as businesses use computer networks to communicate with each other. Computer networks have become quite wide spread and the sole reason due to which these network enjoy such popularity is that these networks allow individuals to communicate those pieces of information that once mankind could not even imagine to communicate. Even though, computer networks have become so popular, these networks have several disadvantages associated with it and this is the reason why these networks are even highly criticized.
Computer networks are not a very old concept and they are not even a very new one. Computer networks that individuals experience in the era of 2015 came into existence during the period of 1940 when an individual named George Stibitz transferred information and data from a machine called Teletype machine to a calculator and then utilized the same method to send information from the calculator to the machine (Casey, 2011, p.608). This activity is the base of the computer networks that the society in the 21st century enjoys. During the period of 1950s the first and the foremost computer network was experienced in the shape of a radar system that was utilized by the armed forces and this radar system was recognized as SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) (Casey, 2011, p.608). By the period of 1960 the first ever computers were connected with each other (Casey, 2011, p.608). These computers were mainframes and these computers were used for the purpose of allowing users to reserve airline tickets in a semi-automatic manner. Approximately two years later researchers such as JCR Licklider became interested in connecting output based hardware with such as teletypewriters with a computer and for this purpose he developed a group called ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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