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LAN Computer Platform - Essay Example

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The paper discusses the computer platform “LAN” in detail. It explains how a LAN computer network can be organized and execute. The paper analyzes the various aspects of the LAN and it compares various operating systems that can be implemented on the LAN …
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LAN Computer Platform
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Download file to see previous pages The crucial individuality of LANs, in distinction to Wide Area Networks (WANs), comprise there greatly superior data transfer rates, lesser geographic range, and a shortage of require for telecommunication lines. The majority of local area networks are built with comparatively low-cost hardware like Ethernet cables, network adapters, and hubs. Wireless LAN and added superior LAN hardware choices are also available. (A. Kamerman and G. Aben, 2000, 44-56)
There are so many reasons to think prior to purchasing a LAN switch. It is imperative to resolve which type of switch is finest suited for the business, high-end, mid-range or low-end. Scalability is in fact very vital; the switch must have the capability to hold future network development. It should also have the capability to hold up high-speed connections. (A. Kamerman and G. Aben, 2000, 44-56) the product must have strong protection and managing attributes. When choosing a LAN switch, it is also essential to conclude which technology is best suited for the network. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and token ring switches are the very simple to install and mainly gainful. FDDI switches propose increased levels of error acceptance and high levels of operation; though, they are comparatively expensive to apply. Ethernet and Token Ring--Ethernet and token ring switches are ultimate for linking workgroup and departmental operation because they are 4, 10, and 16M bps technologies. (A. Kamerman and G. Aben, 2000, 44-56)
Exercise a hardware firewall system this would contain a router and private firewall software. Make use of a firewall system keeps computer or home network part from the Internet and creates filters to block unsuspecting virus threats. It is highly recommended to Install antivirus protection software buy and install straight away to all of the computers. It is very vital to Run antivirus guard software regularly Setup a time to have antivirus program repeatedly run a full system scan.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LAN Computer Platform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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