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This computing language accounts for great changes in the software industry, given the many innovative and creative developments resulting from its use. Java serves as…
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the language records great reliability, leading to its robustness. Its widespread application in computers, cell phones, cards, and other devices also emphasize its importance as a programming tool. Therefore, in comparison to other computing languages, java possesses more benefits that the current society needs to rely on for further advancement.
In comparison to other technologies, java accounts for an enormous portion of the growth of many internet based businesses, since its introduction in 1995. It serves as the most popular programming language worldwide as millions of people utilize it in different types of computer applications.
In relation to C++ and visual basic, java records greater developer demand, making it the de facto language for most web-based services. More to these, most institutions use java in their introductory courses, which means that java possesses more demand compared to other languages. Many java advantages account for the high demand. The C++ language and other similar languages, for example, require one to write a code that explicitly releases memory for other programs to access it. Failure to write this code or writing the code wrongly leads to the development of memory leaks that slows the programs. Consequent to this, the operating system gets to run out of memory and the computer stops working. On the other hand, one does not need to release memory explicitly. Java allows memory to be freed automatically when no longer in use. This emanates from the java virtual machine that consists of a special process, known as the garbage collector. The process determines which data is still being used, thus maintaining it in memory, and which data is no longer in use, thus deleting it. Therefore, the java technology provides its users with a better system compared to other programming technologies.
The java language also offers a high level of safety to its users compared to, such languages as C or C++. This follows from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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