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Cosmetic Surgery - Research Paper Example

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Cosmetic surgical treatment has become a successful, $11.2 billion business every decade in the United States according to the US Community of Plastic Surgeons. Teens, already 90 percent of cosmetic sick individuals, are voting to make these fast treatments more than ever, going…
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Cosmetic Surgery
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Extract of sample "Cosmetic Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages It can signify a new age of perfection-hunters, as standard-weight females cut an inch of superfluous fat out of their thighs or trench their sensation bras for bigger breasts—currently the most fashionable insidious procedure (Thompson 24-56).
On the other hand, psychologists along with surgeons panic that numerous patients do not completely grasp the importance or prospective risks of these surgeries. “Individuals believe it is like departing for lunch,” claims Ane Wallace, Principal of plastic operation at Institution of higher education of California, San Diego medical structure. “Similar to any surgery, it requires to be taken critically (Neligan 44-890)
One current research discovered that liposuction might thin one problem part while developing another. Young females who suction fat out of their thighs as well as lower abdomen eventually demolish their fat cells. When they ultimately put mass back on, it allocates unequally—frequently to less flattering sections such as the higher abdomen, back as well as arms (Neligan 44-890). Likewise, Wallace cautions that changing one characteristic at times takes away the emergence of others. A stomach tuck can result in thighs the thighs to become non-proportional, whereas plumped lips can create a usual sized nose unexpectedly seem obtrusive. Wallace has come across situations where Botox vaccination, which paralyzes specific facial physique, made the other functioning muscles to look extraordinarily strong and “odd.”
Alarming still are the possible abnormalities. Marilyn Leiss considered she was going through an easy process to her eyes; 29 operations afterward she is still incapable of blinking. Meanwhile, a spoiled face-lift badly destroyed the nervous system of UK business lady Peny Johnson, who misplaced her commerce and became a hermit (Neligan 44-890).
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... the people in Hollywood, who had plastic surgery, go on a vacation, then there will be no one left in town. This just shows us how trendy cosmetic surgery has become these days. This is because after undergoing such a surgery, a person sees himself in a whole new way. It puts the patient’s mind at ease, and he or she feels that they can now face the world. (Cosmetic Surgery by Marcia Amidon Lusted) Cosmetic surgery does benefit the mental state of a person. In today’s world, where most people, especially women, want to look thin and are having problems with their diet, cosmetic surgery comes as a viable option. It is this cosmetic surgery on which women and men spend billions because of the health benefits that it brings along...
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...for such situation.The aim of this work is to perform a clear research on the problems, which now exist in the cosmetic surgery but are often made invisible for usual consumers with the aim of getting higher profits and not loosing the face of the cosmetic surgery industry as it is. The main conclusion of the work is that cosmetic surgery hides vast amount of problems, which should be understood by those who considers the possibility of going through such operation. Cosmetic surgery at present has become a huge industry with enormous turnovers and fantastic profits. It is not a secret that famous...
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Cosmetic Surgery

... by unprecedented affluence and the high value placed on outward appearance in Western society". In United Kingdom, the living standards have improved therefore "cosmetic surgery is even within the reach of a variety of people from middle-class teenagers to aging baby boomers". In United Kingdom, the percentile of the teenagers who register for the cosmetic surgery and solariums on annual basis has amplified. The statistics issued by United Kingdom Society of Plastic Surgeons has revealed that "over 333,000 people 18 years and younger had cosmetic surgery in 2005, up from about 306,000 in 2000" (Paul, 2001). It is understandable that through cosmetic enhancement techniques the youngsters are able to secure benefits in different prominent...
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Cosmetic Surgery

...appier and more confident since society values beautiful people. In fact, a research indicate that attractive people, both male and female, are more regarded and treated more positively( Olson and Marshuetz ,2005). They have better chances of getting hired, earning higher incomes, achieve higher marks, have better social skills and are even less prone to commit crimes ( p.502). In cases where one is not born with natural external beauty, cosmetic surgery can play a crucial role in changing the situation. The bottom line is that self confidence is a huge factor in being successful and a beautiful appearance adds to one’s confidence. With the availability of cosmetic surgery , there is now a quick and good chance to change one’s...
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..., there exists a difference. Plastic surgery aims at repair of the defects that are the cause of an abnormality. Defects that interfere with normal appearance or function are repaired so that the person can lead a normal life. It involves medical as well as surgical expertise as the wounds of accidents and burns require intensive care. Repair of skin and surrounding tissue after the excision of tumors is also done through plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand involves the aesthetic aspect of the personality. It is an elective procedure that aims at beautification and enhancement of the looks and outer appearance of the body. Plastic/...
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...Maya’s valued beauty. The article is suitable for the above topic since it clearly shows how body features can be transformed. Nancy.S. Makeover Nation (culture). (2004), Vol.136, Issue 19 Retrieved from: This book talks about society and Science, in terms of large numbers of Americans opting for cosmetic surgery. Nancy, explains that many Americans are getting tightened, tweaked, tucked and suctioned than in recent times. It is no longer a privilege in the society for aging and wives, surgery has become mainstream, where it is available to everyone who...
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Cosmetic Surgery

... to accidents. To take the surgeries, well-trained medical personnel in these surgeries give their opinions. Hence, the surgeries are usually safe, and the aim is to meet the patients’ needs. The recent rise of cases of people especially bullied teenager needing cosmetic surgery has led to a debate whether the practices are good or not. Young people are also considering these measures due to insecurities and bullying. According to Slawson, “Increasing numbers of bullied teenagers want to have cosmetic surgery, a survey has found,” (Slawson 1). In the past, there has been an argument for the goodness of the cosmetic surgeries. Most of these arguments openly criticize those who undergo cosmetic surgery. Some of those who had these surgeries...
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