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The effects plastic surgery has on todays youth - Essay Example

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The essay explains how increasing numbers of teenagers, including those aged under 18, are opting for cosmetic surgery as a way of improving their self-esteem…
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The effects plastic surgery has on todays youth
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Extract of sample "The effects plastic surgery has on todays youth"

Download file to see previous pages Sweeney has used various styles/techniques and rhetoric strategies to achieve her goal. These include appeals, cause and effect analysis, comparison and contrast, narration, description, statistics and argumentation. Evidently, she chose these strategies in order to make her point as rational and as convincing as possible to her audience, many of whom have opted for cosmetic surgery out of unhealthy motivations. She begins her essay with a narration, giving an account of Kristen who underwent cosmetic surgery at 15 to make her breasts bigger and how it has given her much confidence (Sweetney E3). By using this technique, Sweeney immediately establishes the entire essay as informal piece. This is a powerful way of capturing the attention of readers. By mentioning that this was done with the help of parents, she lightens up the mood of teenagers.
Sweeney also used this technique as important background information on two important points. First, she explains that many teenagers below 18 are opting for cosmetic surgery out of unjustifiable motivations. Through this narration, she reveals that these youngsters are simply using cosmetic surgery to rush biological processes before their time is due such as having big breasts to feel like a woman when in fact they are young and have not reached puberty. She also uses this to explain that some youngsters are driven by obsession with the celebrity culture and similar actions of closer relatives.
Secondly, Sweeney uses this technique to communicate the major reason driving teenagers to seek cosmetic surgery, that is, self-esteem. The youth do it to feel “normal” or to “fit in.” To convince the audience that the rise in the number of youths going for surgeries is rising crazily, Sweeney goes ahead to give statistics of the numbers of youths going for cosmetic surgery over a ten year period, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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