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The primary textbook The Essentials of Technical Communication was written recently by two college professors teaching business and technical writing. The other textbook The Theory and Practice of Technical Writing was written more than a century ago and is considered one of the…
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Description Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Professor Earle’s book is based on the assumption that the field of engineering makes use of a form of expression no less special than that of the lawyer, the novelist or the poet.
The purpose of the primary text is to focus on how to achieve a readable style. The author assumes that, without the knowledge he prescribes, no one would really be interested in reading anything you write. It is only through learning the knowledge in the book that readers will be attracted to your writing. The second text gives us a more conceptual background on what technical writing is all about and how it differs from general writing. Throughout the text, Professor Earle emphasizes the succinctness of technical writing so that engineers can reach the best results without much waste of time.
Both of the books discuss the requirements of technical writing and list some of the important characteristic of technical writing. At the introductory chapter, both books attempt to explicate how technical writing (expository) differs from the general writing. In the first book by Tebeux and Dragga, they listed four important specialties. These included the requisite awareness that legal liabilities might arise due to the content of the documents or that the documents might be read by unknown readers who might be interested in the organizations. Besides, the writing should achieve the intended job goals by a wide variety of readers who might be having completely different perspectives from the writer. In addition, they emphasize that a good technical paper should have the following qualities: accuracy, clarity, conciseness, readability, usability, and correctness.
Professor Earle also elucidates the occasions when it may be necessary to apply the technical writing. Unlike what we did at school, there is actually no force to demand for people to write something. Technical writing, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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