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Components of metaphors - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code A. Explain a) the three components of metaphor (topic, vehicle, grounds) A metaphor is a figure of speech that may be applied to an object to which there is no literal meaning. It is the direct comparison of two outwardly unrelated subjects…
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Components of metaphors
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"Components of metaphors"

Download file to see previous pages Using our example above, the eagle is the topic of the metaphor. Vehicle: This refers to both the expression and concepts that are called upon by the words i.e. the term that is being used metaphorically or non-literally. Using our example above, the lion is the vehicle of the metaphor. Grounds: This refers to the relationship between the topic and the vehicle. There is a relationship between the lion and the eagle. This is in relation to the strength of the lion and the tenacity of the eagle which is being used as the ground that supports this metaphor. The tenacity of an eagle is being equated to the strength of the lion. b) Explain the claim that metaphor is found in most writing very frequently. Illustrate with examples taken from the attached text about Jack Ashley (Appendix A). The metaphor is a powerful language tool as well as being a quite complex one too. Metaphors are powerful tools to give ideas to people that they will always remember. This is one of the reasons why the metaphor is found in writing very frequently. Metaphors are also great tools of imagery. Imagery refers to the method whereby a writer would utilise words that paint pictures of scenes and characters in the minds of their readers. In this age of expanded imagination, writers have had to adopt metaphorical writing to enable the reader to actually experience the scene as well as the characters in the story. Metaphors are one of the effective tools in writing fiction. They give life to the normally dull prose thus their frequent use. With these features, it is very easy to see why the claim that metaphors are found in most writing very frequently is quite true. We have sought metaphorical examples from the Jack Ashley text as below: ‘If the media is a smug insiders club’: The metaphorical component of this metaphor refers to the media as the topic of discussion. The vehicle would be the insider’s club while the ground for this is equating the smugness of the insider’s club to the current media characteristics. ‘Britain seems much more of a stitched-up country’: The metaphorical component of this metaphor refers to the Britain as the topic of discussion. The vehicle would be the stitched-up country while the ground for this is equating the characteristic of the new Britain to the perpetual collusions between the wealthiest and most powerful citizens. ‘Parliament starts to feel like a fig leaf for things as they are’: The metaphorical component of this metaphor refers to the parliament as the topic of discussion. The vehicle would be the fig leaf while the ground for this is equating the characteristic of parliament to the fig leaf. A fig leaf is construed as a devise intended to conceal something regarded as shameful therefore equating the parliament to it, means that without the backbenchers and strong journalism, parliament would be a shameful institution. B. Comment on the teaching implications. How could suitable materials be designed to enhance intermediate students’ ability to understand metaphorical language, to re-use metaphors they have seen before appropriately in new contexts, and to know about metaphor in general? You may refer to examples of effective or ineffective materials from existing EFL textbooks if you wish; if so please include a copy of the relevant section. Difficulties are encountered by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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