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How has my writing changed in this semester why - Essay Example

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Written communication is extremely important for all people; they exchange emails and messages, write reports, take notes and structure their thoughts in writing. This course has helped me to understand the value of writing and motivated me to work harder in order to be a better…
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How has my writing changed in this semester why
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Extract of sample "How has my writing changed in this semester why"

Written communication is extremely important for all people; they exchange emails and messages, write reports, take notes and structure their thoughts in writing. This course has helped me to understand the value of writing and motivated me to work harder in order to be a better writer. As a result, I have learned how to organize my papers, express my thoughts in written form and structure all ideas in order to be understood by other people.
When I started the class I could not do many things; I could not write analysis essay, my grammar was not the best and I had a great issue with first and second person pronouns. Consequently, I could not boast about great achievements in the beginning; however, I identified my weak points and developed clear goals I wanted to set. My motivation was warmed up by clear assignments, support and help of my mates and comprehensive teaching approach.
Now I feel more confident when it comes to writing due to the skills I improved during this course. I have understood the line between formal and informal writing; I avoid using personal pronouns in academic essays. What is even more important, I have learned more about essay and paragraph structures. I used to deliver my thoughts in mess but now I know that every essay should have distinctive introduction, main body and conclusion. It is difficult to underestimate the contribution of my peers to my learning process. Peer-review process showed me how other people perceive what I wrote. It helped me to spot and correct my mistakes, reorganize my paragraphs and avoid meaningless sentences in writing. I started writing on the point, giving more examples, relating abstract things to real life phenomena. Read More
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