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My experience in research and writing of my term papers has both been an enjoyable and a challenging experience. English language being my fourth language, I have had numerous, challenging cases whereby I ended up in deadlock situations wondering what to write while doing some of my projects and assignments. …
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Over letter
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Dear Sir/Madam, My experience in research and writing of my term papers has both been an enjoyable and a challenging experience. English language being my fourth language, I have had numerous, challenging cases whereby I ended up in deadlock situations wondering what to write while doing some of my projects and assignments. This was mostly at the beginning of the semester. However, I have acquired assistance from my instructors and colleagues because of the English-speaking environment and culture.
However, my experience of writing research papers overtime has improved due to the numerous resources and exposures. Some of the most influential resources have been the internet, school library and of course, my instructors and my colleagues. My process of reading, research and writing to this unit has not been easy during this semester. I encountered a number of challenges as I underwent doing some of my research projects. Some of the challenges that I came across were lack of reliable resources to get the content, short deadlines to beat, and distractions from my busy schedules among others. In other circumstances, the content that I produced from my research often turned out to be unsatisfactory to my instructors and lecturers.
This led to numerous revision requests that were inconveniencing because they took most of my time reviewing my research strategies. This was terribly frustrating to me because I had to put some of my work pending to attend to the revisions. However, as time went by, my writing and research skills improved as I researched on most of my projects. During the difficult times and experiences, I sought assistance from my colleagues who were of much help.
Some of the positive experiences that I encountered were the ability to form group discussions with my class colleagues. This mode of learning was extremely helpful because I found out that I did learn much from my colleagues in the research project and composition writing. This revealed that teamwork is truly essential in accomplishing the assigned work. The revision part of my research writing was, however, frustrating. At times, I had to redo the whole paper since either it was out of context, or it had minor mistakes such as grammatical. Though frustrating, the revision part helped me a lot because it gave me guiding points on how to write efficiently and strategies on how to conduct my research.
Some of the changes that I would appreciate my professor to notice is the level of quality composition that I am able to submit. Initially, my writing was substandard because of shortcomings in research but currently, I can state that my writing has improved. Some of the strengths of my papers are the ability to provide strong thesis statements, incorporate the different parts of the paper and write a continuous and intriguing composition. Some weaknesses that I came across are vocabulary and spelling, but I constantly confirm these with the dictionary.
In my endeavors, I can attest that learning is a continuous process and that one gets better as he does more research projects and writing. I can confidently state that I am not the same at the end of this semester as I was at the beginning. My writing has tremendously improved and I am 90 percent confident and comfortable on writing most of my papers. The speed of researching and writing has improved, and I can meet short deadline to submit my papers on time. I now enjoy writing papers, and I can complete any assigned projects.
Yours Sincerely,
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Over Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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