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I do not switch off my phone because I may have to respond to emergencies at night. However, I find it absurd to update my Facebook status while in a bathroom stall;…
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Unplug Normally, I find it necessary to sleep with my cell/mobile phone and respond to messages during the night. I do not switch off my phone because I may have to respond to emergencies at night. However, I find it absurd to update my Facebook status while in a bathroom stall; neither do I have any gadget infatuation. I do not have an online history that might make an employee think twice about hiring me. Finally, I do not text and drive, as I see it as a dangerous and irresponsible behavior.
My response above significantly mirror the findings revealed in the DSKNECTD documentary. The documentary highlights the terrors associated with technology. Technology has transformed the way people act and interact in the contemporary society. Electronic devices drive people to distraction. For instance, texting and driving is a multitasking activity that has caused the death of several drivers because of the associated distraction. Technology calls for self-restraint, just like any other beneficial invention in the current century.
I was unable to honor the pledge to unplug for 24 hours because I cannot live without my devices. In fact, I spent more time on my devices during that time, than I did previously. It is difficult to avoid technology owing to its varied benefits such as communication with friends, and entertainment purposes. Life would undoubtedly be extremely boring without the current technological trends, which are unquestionably addictive. It is difficult to understand why the directors made a documentary like DSKNECTD, considering I am using a laptop to type my assignment, about the film, while watching it on television.
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Unplug Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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