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Lab four - Essay Example

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It was conducted by reaching out the 200 students in classrooms, who gave their suggestions by writing on paper or typing on their laptops.
Q2. From the research, the…
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Lab four
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Extract of sample "Lab four"

LAB FOUR Q1.The research is on the most important common characteristics in today’s education system. It was conducted by reaching out the 200 students in classrooms, who gave their suggestions by writing on paper or typing on their laptops.
Q2. From the research, the average class size is always 115. Only 18% of the teachers know the student by their names. Some said they complete 49% of their readings, with only 26% of that being relevant to their lives. Some even buy expensive books that they do not use while others pay fees but do not show up for classes. They read very little from books but spend much time on Facebook and internet web pages. Some even said how they only read 42 pages for classes in a semester but write 500-page essays on mail. With 24 hours a day, they sleep for 7 hours each night. They spend 3.5 hours online, and 2.5 hours listening to music, 2 hours on a cell phone, 2 hours eating, 2 hour working and only 3 hours reading (Wesch Min. 3). They have to multitask even when they do not want to. Some will even be in debts by the time they are graduating. They even claim of how their laptops cost more than what most people make in a year. They hope to get jobs after they graduate. However, they do not get there through books. A problem affects them even though they did not create it. They believe that it is only through technology that all these will end.
Q3. From personal opinion, I agree with most of the students claims. We buy expensive books that we do not use. We also spend more time online than we spend in class. Most of the teachers do not even know their students by their names. Education is just a routine that most people follow. Most of the things we learn do not even apply in our daily lives. On the other hand, I differ with the fact that most students usually think that after graduating, they will not get jobs. Some even think that it is not through education that they can achieve a better life. In my opinion, technology does not solve the problem but rather worsens it (Wesch).
Q4. The future seems predictable, with the developing technology. There will be no more classes; all teachings will be done online, at a once own convenient time.
Work Cited
Wesch, Michael. “A Vision of Students Today.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 12 Oct. 2007. Web. 22 Apr. 2015 Read More
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